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A Touch of Faith is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


Father Maxi needs to speak to you about your alignment; he is waiting for you at the South Park Church.


To get to the South Park Church from Raisins, head back through the alley where you came from and keep going left. You'll find the Church all the way at the western edge of town; once you're there, activate the Fast Travel South Park Church marker on the left.

When you go inside the Church, Father Maxi will ask you about you alignment and he will tell you to go into a room. When you get inside a room, two other priests will do some...questionable things and you will have to fight them.

Battle: The Priests

The New Kid in combat with the priests.

The priests both use telegraphed attacks; one hits every square directly around him, while the other hits the entire row he's standing on. They'll attack on alternate turns, so get off of the red-marked squares and hit the priest that isn't readying an attack (unless it puts you in range of the other one); the ability Double Edge is not recommended to be used unless you can quickly finish them both. It should be noted that, Mutual Flagellation's attack range is not only the area marked with red stripes, one tile on the left and right are also unsafe.

After defeating the priests, you'll be rewarded with the Purity Bond artifact and the Macaroni Picture, which allows you to summon Moses once per battle. Before you move on, remember to loot the church. The storage room on the left requires a passcode, which you can find inside Priest Maxi's bible in the room on the right.

Father Maxi handing over the Macaroni Picture to The New Kid.

The passcode will be 6-8-1 (Kneel Before Jesus). Inside the storage room, you'll find the Amulet of Contemplation artifact in the chest by the door and a piece of Creek Yaoi Art on the wall. Don't forget to take a selfie with Father Maxi before you leave.

Boss Fight Video