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Adverse Conditions is the beta challenge found in the Graveyard Scenario in the Danger Deck. It's chronoligically the eight challenge of the Danger Deck.


This challenge has the player fight against long ranged combatants specialized in producing negative status effects such as Grossed Out, Shocked, Chilled etc.


  • Ol' Bomber
  • Wonder Tweek
  • Police Sniper
  • Sixth Grader Leader
  • Withdrawal Griefer
  • Wonder Tweek


Normal Version (IN-PROGRESS)

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A good tactic to defeat the enemies is to direct their own attacks at their allies, so equipinq powers like Dazzling Flash and Sweet Scent would be a good idea. Healing powers such as Purifying Petals can also help if your allies get overwhelmed by the enemies, as for the Ultimate attack, both offensive and defensive attacks can work well in this situation, the two best options would be Backfire Blast or Chakra Cleanse.

As for combat buddies, the best options would be Call Girl, as she can attack enemies from distance thanks to Phone Destroyer and can avoid some of the status effects inflicted by other characters thanks to Blocked, Professor Chaos, as his Chaos Confuse-O-tron can confuse and shock enemies, which makes it less likely that they'll attack your allies, in addition, it Shocks them, and while that may make the Confusion go away, it deals damage to them, which is the main objective, and Human Kite, as the other allies, specially Call Girl and Butthole, will need protection in order to survive some of the enemies' attacks. If you purchased the From Dusk till Casa Bonita DLC, Henrietta becomes a much more viable option than Human Kite, as her Cigarette Burn causes the Burning Status effect and in addition to protecting her allies with Satanic Seal, she can also protect herself with it, which is something that Human Kite lacks.

Ultra Version (IN-PROGRESS)


After clearing this challenge along with the rest of the challenges in the Graveyard Scenario, the New Kid will be awarded the High Rez Helmet

After completing this challenge along with the rest of them in the Ultra mode, The New Kid will be rewarded with the Avenging Nezumi artifact.