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The Aliens (Also known as The Visitors) are the main enemies during the Alien Abduction quest. They only can say one word, "moo", in various fashion to convey meanings. Manyy of them have died.

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The Aliens have thin bodies and black oval shaped eyes. They take the form of the classic, popular depictions of "grey aliens".



The Aliens are first seen abducting the New Kid towards their UFO. Where they anal probe people (Mr. Mackey, Craig, and Mr. Slave). The New Kid escapes by using his powerful magic and meets Randy.

They are weak to electricity.

Special Attacks

Refractor Shield - The alien put three shields on itself.

Space Medicine - Heals the alien.


Space Taser - Inflicts shock damage.

Perfect Blocking Position -  The alien becomes immune to standard attacks.

Chief of security

Space Rage - The chief of security deals many medium attacks.

Space Grenade -


Set Phasers to Stun - Makes his attack stronger.

Set Phasers to Kill - Makes his attack even more stronger.

Fire Photon Torpedo - Very strong attack, causes burning and heavy damage if not blocked.

Activate Defence Matrix - The aliens activate the defensive matrix.

You have the Bridge - The alien pilots runs from battle and gives the lead to the co-pilot.

Make It So - After the pilot runs away. the co-pilot switches his cap and raygun, then he immediately attacks.


  • They were originally going to be friends on Facebook, but the idea was scrapped.