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Alternate Universes Collide is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


The Coon sends the New Kid to answer the distress call of the Human Kite about an anomaly in the universe. Help Human Kite destroy his "Alter Ego from an alternate dimension".  


Enter the house of Kyle Broflovski and his alter-ego Human Kite will be near the staircase. Approach him to start a conversation. After asking who you are, the Human Kite, shows his disdain regarding The Coon sending a 'newbie', but continues on to explain the situation. As quoted by Human Kite: "A few days ago, there was an anomaly in the universe. An alternate version of Human Kite has shown up and is destroying everything".

"He was sent here to destroy me and weaken my powers!"

Head upstairs and Kyle will follow and explain that the New Kid will have to fight the alternate version of Human Kite due to the risk of a paradox if he tries himself. Kyle follows the player into the room and points out the intruder. It is revealed to be Kyle's visiting cousin, Kyle Schwartz who only wants to be a Human Kite too. Of course the Human Kite is having none of this and insists The New Kid take him out.

Alternate Human Kite cheating in the battle.

For the battle, just simply attack Alternate Human Kite, using any of your strongest attacks, don't worry about knocking him out, he will automatically assume his health can't be depleted. After taking a few hits, he will consider that the last hit doesn't count, regenerating in the process. Simply just continue dishing out your strongest attacks on him for the battle.

After taking some more hits, Alternate Human Kite will again get his health back to full level, however this time he will apply a shield to himself. For this, just continue attacking Alternate Human Kite. It is best to use moves which inflicts status effects to wear out his shield faster (Triple Burn if Blaster is selected as your beginning class, or Gastro Smash if Brutalist is selected as your beginning class).

Alternate Human Kite's spectacular landing.

After taking another few more hits, Alternate Human Kite will proceed to prepare his ultimate ability 'Wrath Kite From An Alternate Universe', however he will spectacularly fall and injure himself, getting himself defeated in the process with The New Kid looking stumped over what has happened.

Human Kite unlocked as a Combat Buddy after completion of the mission.

You will be considered victorious, you will also be rewarded with the Hawk Eye Mask costume item. A cut scene will then play, whereby Alternate Human Kite will back out and say that he does not want to play superheroes anymore. After the cut scene, Human Kite will be unlocked as a Combat Buddy, also you are able to take a selfie with him.

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  • Human Kite 2 is the hero name for Kyle Schwartz. Interestingly, Kyle Broflovski is called Kyle 2 in the series. Sort of even things out.