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Always Bet on Chaos is a side mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


Professor Chaos contacts The New Kid and tells as a result of The New Kid foiling his plans the night before, he's unable to pay his minions' wages. He then asks The New Kid for help and to meet him at the Bank of South Park.


After getting the video call from Professor Chaos, head to the bank on Main Street. The front of the bank might still have lava in front of it if you haven't used the Sandblaster ability with Toolshed yet. Clear the lava and enter the bank. For the mini-game, simply advance to the next level to complete the mini-game. Upon exiting the bank, you'll be confronted by a new group of rednecks.

Battle: "They Took Our Jobs!"

This fight will unlock Professor Chaos's 3rd ability, in which he summons a Chaos Minion to fight alongside him. Note that the Chaos Minion will only last 3 turns before expiring; although the minion deals rather weak damage, he can take a good amount of damage from enemies. Simply defeat the rednecks to complete the mission.

You will be rewarded with the Horns of the Deplorable artifact, the Oracle of the Deviant artifact recipe and Professor Chaos's Character Sheet.

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  • The bank mini-game can be played after the mission to update The New Kid's Character Sheet, however no further rewards will be given.
  • The rednecks in the fight outside the bank are a different group joined by one from the other group (which appears after the The New Kid's gender identity selections). One of the rednecks in this group can be found in the Peppermint Hippo and a selfie can be done with The New Kid.
  • Because the fight is on the street, the fight will be briefly interrupted by a car coming through.
  • Due to this mission being set after the Freedom Pals mission, the player can only choose allies from the Freedom Pals as all Coon and Friends allies will be locked (however, if you hold out until day 4, you are able to select all allies from both Coon and Friends and Freedom Pals).
  • If you play the mini game again and get to the highest level (0.01%), you'll be able to get a selfie with the Bank Teller.