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Artifacts is an in-game mechanic in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It is unlocked after the player completes the quest Birth of a Coon Friend.


Artifacts are powerful magical items that drastically change how the game is played by increasing the player’s stats and attributes.

Five attributes are seen in the game:

  • Brawn: Specifically for attacks which deals high direct damage, usually with the Knockback attribute included.
  • Brains: Specifically for attacks which deals low-mid damage, but usually with the addition of casting Status Effects (e.g. Grossed Out, Burning, Bleeding).
  • Spunk: Specifically for attacks which deals low-mid damage, but can also contribute to abilities providing a buff to a specific/multiple characters in a party (e.g. Protection, Regeneration).
  • Health: The amount of health (HP) available for a specific character.
  • Move: The range that a character can move in the battlefield grid. Maximum up to 4 squares.

The first four attributes are increased strictly under the base ratio of 1:1:1:9, the attributes applies to all allies. The move, however, doesn’t apply, and can only change by equipping certain DNA Strands or Epic artifacts.

The DNA Strands can affect the ratio of the attributes’ increase. Usually, a raise in some attributes means a fall for others, but there are some DNA that can bring benefits without bad consequences. In most cases, a raise in Brains or Spunk will be accompanied by a decrease in Health.

Players will need to build their Hero Rank in order to equip more Artifacts. Up to 9 Artifacts can be fitted onto the player, consisting of 4 Minor level artifacts, 2 Major level artifacts, 2 Epic level artifacts and 1 DNA slot (unlocked after completing the mission CLASSIfied). Some Artifacts requires to be crafted in order to be obtained, while some can only be obtained through looting or as rewards from completing battles.

Collecting Artifacts will boost the "Artifact Hunter" title inside the Character Sheet app, providing rewards to the toy chest once the title rank has been reached.

Artifacts app being launched.

All Artifact slots available.

The DNA slot.

List of Artifacts

For a full list of Artifacts available in-game, refer to the page List of Artifacts in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


  • The "Artifact Hunter" title counts leveled up craftable artifacts as separate artifacts, which means artifacts with +1 boost and +4 boost are not the same.