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Birth of a Coon Friend is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


To continue your Coon Friend training, you must learn about the Artifacts and Artifact Slots. Meet The Coon in his lair so he can teach you about the basics.


Head back to Cartman's House.

When arriving at the Coon Lair (Cartman's House basement), The Coon will give you your first Artifact.

Increase your Hero Rank so you will be able to equip more of these Might-enhancing gadgets.

After leaving Cartman's House, the Fast Travel station in front of the house will appear. Activate it to receive a video call from the creator of the system.

Make sure you head over to your house to collect any awards from your toy chest for reaching the next Hero Rank, at this point you'll may have received some costumes and lots of other items.