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The Bishop of Banff is a character in South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is, as his name suggests, the Bishop of Banff.


Like most Canadians, has beady eyes and a flapping head. He wears a yellow mitre, a yellow cape, white robes with a cross in the middle and black shoes. He also has grey hair and a beard.


The Bishop of Banff only appears in the O Canada quest for a brief part. The New Kid is sent by the Prince of Canada to kill him and bring his balls back as a trophy so he'll release the Minister of Montreal.

The New Kid then starts a fight with the Bishop and once defeated, the bishop offers to give the New Kid some Dire Pig testicles and to say he's dead instead of actually killing him. If the New Kid agrees, he gets the Dire Pig testicles and friends the Bishop on Facebook. Otherwise, the New Kid will finish off the bishop and take his actual balls.


Special Attacks

Judge the Philistine - The bishop farts on the target inflicting grossed out damage if not blocked.

Communion - The bishop heals himself and removes debuffs.

Cleanse the Wicked - The bishop summons a bunch of spirits from the dead. This attack is very weak but will remove all buffs if not blocked.


  • Farting on the Bishop of Banff starts a fight during the O Canada quest, making the Bishop the only Canadian who doesn't approve of farting.
  • He looks very similar to the Bishop of Newfoundland in the episode "Royal Pudding".
  • Sparing the Bishop is recommended if the player is trying to achieve the "More Popular than John Lennon" achievement/trophy, as he is the only friend who can die. If the New Kid kills the Bishop however, getting the achievement will be impossible, and The New Kid's amount of friends will stop at 119.