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Big Brother1 Big Brother1 1 January 2019

Happy 2019!

Hello everyone,

Let me start off by saying Happy New Year and I hope you and your family gathered around to celebrate both Christmas and New Years. The crazy thing about 2019 is, it's the last year of the decade. So let's wrap things up by reaching our maximum potential to fix this Wiki up. 

This Wiki is growing stronger, and I would like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers for making this happen. 

Once again, Happy New Year Everyone! 

- Big Brother1 

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Big Brother1 Big Brother1 1 December 2018

Now we have played both main games, SPTSOT and SPTFBW, which game did you like better?

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Big Brother1 Big Brother1 10 November 2018

Hey everyone!

As you all know, we are approaching the end of 2018, man did time go so fast! I hope you all had a wonderful start to November, as we are approaching Thanksgiving.

I made this blog to announce that I will be adding quotes for characters, like any other Wiki. Feel free to help, I would apperciate it. You can help by adding quotes on South Park characters who have a role. Can be any quote.

Thanks for reading and happy editing,

- Big Brother1

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Trisolaris Trisolaris 24 September 2018

Unpack attempt

Trying to unpack TFBW....

I think these would serve as great substitutes for the infobox images.

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Jasonnguyen2606 Jasonnguyen2606 18 April 2018

Question about other Ubisoft studios who work along side with San Francisco.

I don't know why Ubisoft Osaka and Massive Entertainment are helping Ubisoft San Francisco to work for this game. Who ask for this? They not even mention it on e3 2015 or 2016 something. But they mention on some news article. And been listed as developer credit roll. I believe that Ubisoft Osaka is working for animation while Massive is checking on Snowdrop Engine or something like that, I don't know. I got so confuse about Ubisoft ask another studio to work with it. Just like on other Ubisoft game including Assassin Creed's have collaborate 6 to 10 Ubisoft studios (Most notable studio was in Singapore who work on naval combat for Assassin Creed 3 and Black Flag. But now they working on the own new IP, Skull and Bones). I thought the Osaka…

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Jasonnguyen2606 Jasonnguyen2606 16 April 2018

My prediction on 3rd DLC for the fractured but whole.

I was thinking maybe we need a new combat buddy to join the fight, Mintberry Crunch, Bradley Biggle alter-ego first appear on The Coon and Friends trilogy in Season 14 of South Park, because of his catchphrase "Bring the crunch." And a new superheroes class might given by the coon, Ninja mammal, or mystic. So I get the main DLC mission will given by Bradley and will involve Canada. So that my prediction of 3rd DLC. What's your prediction?

And another thing, new danger deck update will be Vampires (Vamp Kids and Black Vampire), Mr Adam (Vampire Master), and Corey Haim (Michael Jackson), and will set in the new stage, somewhere around Casa Bonita.

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Trisolaris Trisolaris 15 February 2018


  • 1 次级神器
    • 1.1 Collectible Artifacts
    • 1.2 Crafted Artifacts
  • 2 Major Artifacts
    • 2.1 Collectible Artifacts
    • 2.2 Crafted Artifacts
  • 3 Epic Artifacts
    • 3.1 Collectible Artifacts
    • 3.2 Peculiar Artifacts
  • 4 DNA Strands

Minor Artifacts are the first ones available in game, apart from raising the team's stats, they can offer many bonuses to further develop the teams strength. The team bonuses is limited to Ultimate Recovery, Knockback Combo, and Status Effect. The Minor Artifacts are divided into two kinds, Collectible and Crafted.

Note: Missable Artifacts are highlighted in bold.

Collectible Artifacts are Artifacts that can be collected in the game, they have very specific might and buffs. The method to obtain them varies, including succeeding in combat, given through plot, or simply…

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Demon of Vengeance Demon of Vengeance 27 September 2017

The Fractured But Whole

Only three weeks to go before the release date. I've preordered my copy for PC, (and gotten bonus Stick of Truth in the process)

This is gonna be soo sweet!!!

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This is from the alpha.


Cartman is the one who brings you into the game. He is the leader of all of the humans, and the humans seem to like him. Cartman gives you many quests but some more important are : Gathering Help, The Sweet Precious Doll, Save Craig, Save Clyde, Beat Up Kyle, Destroy Elven Banners and The Fortress.


Cartman's original class was Great Wizard not Grand Wizard. Some of his original abilities are :

You Wanna Throw Down - He calls Jimmy The Bard ( who isn't your buddy in the alpha ) and Jimmy sings a song that lets their attack and defense go down and it does 500 damage to the enemy ( depending on armor )

But moooooom - Cartman cries out for his mom, and his mom comes and gives him power po…

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ReAngel ReAngel 18 November 2015

The New Kid


Full Name:Angel Alexander Wilson

Nickname:Wilson,Extreme Wilson,The Instant Classic


Age: 10

Birthday:September 21

Personality: Sweet, Friendly, Outgoing, Confident, Never quits

Likes:music,video games,wrestling,football,hanging out with friends,computer

Dislikes:bullies,vegetables,bad days

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Concernedalien11780 Concernedalien11780 4 July 2015

Hello, South Park: The Stick of Truth Wiki!

Greetings, fair wiki editors of the South Park: The Stick of Truth Wiki! As a huge fan of South Park, it only makes sense that I'm a fan of the best thing to come out of Important Studios (Trey and Matt's production company) in the 2010s so far besides The Coon Trilogy, The Book of Mormon, and You're Getting Old/Ass Burgers, which is this game. In 2013, I had plans to replace my old Wii with a Wii U at Christmas. However, I decided that I really wanted Stick of Truth, and for obvious reasons, it was not coming out for Wii U. My added cynicism of the Nintendo company's desire to stay within their comfort zone of how they make games without caring to make money and to keep people from filming themselves playing their games out of an irration…

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CarcinoTerror CarcinoTerror 30 March 2015

The Wiki

Clearly i made the right choices when it comes to Admins. Thieverpedia and HurricaneDylan have done an amazing job in my absense and we are the #1 google result for a stick of truth wiki (lets hope for a sequel). There's not much else i can see that needs to be done. Some edits are needed somehwere im sure, and there is always going to be people purposely vandalizing pages or adding incorrect info, but the before mentioned admins have made sure those are fixed asap. I'll still be checking in just in case another Template Error 2k15 happens. 

Thank you all for making this wiki a success.

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VadimZ VadimZ 24 October 2014

Need Help

Hello guys, i really need help with one thing. I cannot find out on youtube and forums. So, i need to ask you - "If i cannot go to Jimmy, Clyde house, do i need to start a new game?".

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Endercreeper9999 Endercreeper9999 11 October 2014

Nazi zombie voices?

I know this seems a bit strange, but can anyone extract the voice clips for the Nazi-zombies from the games files? It is obvious we can rip sounds, as evidence on the scrapped content page. I just need them for a project, is all. I would be appreciative if anyone could. Of course, I would like a download link for the voices. Thanks in advance.

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CarcinoTerror CarcinoTerror 1 June 2014

I'm (Almost) back


I've been gone quite some time (months) but i've been watching over the site.  You've all been doing amazing.  I will be returning this month, with school nearly over, to help out and run things once more.

Until then, if you EVER need me, send me a message and i will respond asap.

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CarcinoTerror CarcinoTerror 3 May 2014

New Admin: MintxBerry

This girl has been deserving for some time.  After seeing his work on the Scrapped Content page, i had to finally give it to him.  Welcome to the Green name club.

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Thieverpedia Thieverpedia 14 April 2014

A late thank you!

A late thanks to those other two who participated in Project Patches! Remember to add the Patches template to your page! Even if they weren't all completed, that won't stop us from continuing our search in every crevice of the game for every patch!

  • Thieverpedia
  • MintxBerry
  • W14dj
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Thieverpedia Thieverpedia 28 March 2014

Newer Templates

Alrighty, this blog is going to be used to record the newer or edited Templates that I'm created or tweaked a bit, so every member on this wiki can use them to signify their achievements. Feel free to use any that you have access to.

  • Achievements - Shows that you've gotten all 50 achievements in the game.
  • Stub (Edited) - Now includes aliens.
  • Spoilers (Edited) - Now fittingly has a picture of the Stick of Truth.
  • Admin - Shows that you're an admin on this wiki. Off-limits to those who aren't.
  • Chat Moderator - Shows that you're a chat moderator on this website. Off-limits to those who aren't.
  • Banned - Shows that the user is banned...and banished from space and time. No one sit with them at lunch later. I don't care what fruit snacks they're sharing…

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Thieverpedia Thieverpedia 27 March 2014

Project Patches

My recent blog post was simply being used to gain some volunteers for this Saturday to track down all the patches, but I'll be too busy helping out on many wikis that day. So, I'm moving it to a new blog post! Simply put, this is now an optional event that anyone is free to join in. We're going to play the game and try to track down all the patches, and complete the equipment page as well. What are the rewards of this? The experience of another class that you usually don't play as, so you can improve your editing for those pages, if you need to. The other reward is a special template that signifies that you've participated in this event. It's yours forever if you contribute for all 7 days. Leave a message below if you're interested in join…

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Thieverpedia Thieverpedia 22 March 2014

Now comes the fun part...Patches

We've got almost all the long pages done, but one remains, and it could very well be the longest and most difficult page we're ever going to work on: Patches. I've played through this game plenty of times, and even I haven't bought/found all of them. No website on the internet has any information on what all the patches do or where they're found. This isn't a task for one or two people alone, but perhaps all of us. We all need to discover what all the patches are, where they are, and what they do together.

I'll need 2 more volunteers to help scour the entire game for every single patch, whether it comes from buying or finding. Leave a message below if you're willing to help. Why is it 4 volunteers, you may ask? Well, it'll be more fun if we…

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CarcinoTerror CarcinoTerror 21 March 2014

This Weekend

We have many missing pages, pictures, information, and so on, and that bugs me. This weekend, I'm going to work to reduce the number of pages in that list. Here's a semi-detailed list:

  1. Get rid of red links- these pages need creation, but don't make the page if you're just going to leave it as "TBA".
  2. Locations- So far we have 4 locations: Kupa Keep, Elven Kingdom, Clyde's Fortress, and the Church . We need much, much more.
  3. Pictures- Character pages need pictures. Examples include Mr. Mackey and Damien. Galleries are also very empty for most characters.  List of Friends needs pictures too (I will probably take care of this)
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Thieverpedia Thieverpedia 19 March 2014

Tons of help needed for Friends page

Alrighty, I've done 2 very long pages myself, and so have other higher-ups in this wiki. But now comes a harder page: The Friends page. With this page, people will be able to find out where to find all the friends available in the game for the "More Popular than John Lennon." That's 121 friends, and it seems like a bit too much work for just one or two people to do.

I'm going to need some volunteers to help out a bit. I can get the table going, but I'll need others to help get some of the pictures, write the descriptions, locations, and requirements. Please leave a message on this blog page if you're interested in volunteering, and I'll contact you as soon as I can to assign you something for the page.

Let's get this long page out of the way…

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CarcinoTerror CarcinoTerror 16 March 2014

Character Cards

I have noticed that on mobile, the character card template gets put in the middle of pages. Also, they do not work well on shorter character pages, so i have decided that they will now be placed under the gallery now. They will be put as the first picture. This way, they are implemented in a mobile-friendly way and look better.

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CarcinoTerror CarcinoTerror 15 March 2014

Time for More Content

With school stuff finished and out of the way, i will be working all weekend to, at the very least, get all the walkthroughs added and finished.  I'm also going to fix any existing pages and expand the stubs.  

Other than that, everyone is doing a great job contributing! (other than those two vandals, but i banished them from space and time)

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CarcinoTerror CarcinoTerror 10 March 2014

Show off your Character and Page Expansions

To start off, i encourgae everyone to add a picture of their character (can be screenshot or a picture of the screen) so we can all see.  I thought it'd be a nice way to show off our creations.  You can find a link to the gallery on the home page (or just go to The New Kid and scroll down to the gallery)

Also, my strategy guide is finally in stock and shipping, and will be here Wednesday.  I will be using it to add lists of Chinpokomon locations, friends locations, and weapons/costume set loscations, as well as walkthroughs.  

And thanks to everyone who is contributing!

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CarcinoTerror CarcinoTerror 4 March 2014

Wiki Changes and the Game

I've made a few changes to page formats:

  • Character pages now have quests they give and prominence (quests they are in, more info at Help) listed.
  • Quests no longer have Quest: or Side Quest: infront of the name.  This just caused search issues and really wasn't needed.

Furthermore, now that the game is acutally out, i will be focusing on adding content and correcting any speculation content we may have added (as well as playing, of course).  

Other than that, enjoy the game!  I know i will be.

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CarcinoTerror CarcinoTerror 2 March 2014

Walkthroughs and Collectables

I have pre-ordered the strategy guide for the game to help with writing walkthroughs and mapping collectables.  I figured that by doing this, we could enjoy the game instead of typing out what we do as we do it.  Other than that, only 2 more days!

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