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Bring the Crunch is a downloadable content expansion for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. This expansion pack was released on July 31, 2018 for all platforms (Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch) of the game.[1] It is the last downloadable content in the franchise.

The expansion pack can be purchased as a stand-alone DLC,[2] or installed for free if the Season Pass for the game is purchased.


Bring The Crunch focuses on investigating the mystery of the missing camp counselors of Lake Tardicaca, where Fastpass (Jimmy) dispatches a distress signal to The New Kid for assistance on the matter.

Throughout the story, the New Kid's allies include Fastpass, Professor Chaos (Butters) and Mintberry Crunch (Bradley Biggle).

A new superhero class (Final Girl) is introduced in this DLC, as well as new items are included in line with the DLC's survival horror theme.

For the walkthrough of this DLC, refer to the page Bring the Crunch (Mission). Apart from the storyline, the DLC also includes 6 side missions known as the "Badge Missions".

Attached Items

Similar to the previous story-oriented DLC, the player will receive no free items; they will have to be discovered and acquired throughout the course of the whole mission. The following list shows the items obtainable in this particular expansion pack of South Park: The Fractured But Whole:

Transferable Content

  • Superhero class
  • Combat Buddy
  • Costumes
    • Survivor costume set (Suit, Bandanna, Gloves, Hairstyle, Gore Makeup)
    • Jack O' costume set (Suit, Head)
    • Little Red Riding costume set (Suit, Hood)
    • Howling costume set (Body, Head, Hands)
    • Franken costume set (Suit, Dome, Hands, Face Makeup)
    • Lagooned costume set (Body, Head, Hands)
    • Reptilia costume set (Body, Head, Gloves)
    • Lumberkid costume set (Suit, Beanie, Mustache)
    • Tardi costume set (Suit, Cap)
    • Lakewatch costume set (Suit, Hairstyle, Stripes Makeup)
    • Yellow Duck costume set (Floatie, Cap, Swimming Goggles)
    • Lil' Ranger costume set (Suit, Hat)
    • Scout costume set (Suit, Cap)
    • Rainbow Roller suit (Clothes)
    • Scarecrow Cowl (Headwear)
    • Bush Hat (Headwear)
    • Spiral Braids (Hairstyle)
    • Party Bowl (Hairstyle)
    • Manic Mess (Hairstyle)
    • Widow's Buzz (Hairstyle)
  • Artifacts
    • Dream Catcher (Epic Artifact)
    • Trailblazing Totem (Epic Artifact)
    • Shark Mating Whistle (Epic Artifact)
    • Gore Sack (Epic Artifact)
    • Sash of Ultimate Merit (Epic Artifact)
    • Psychotic Episode (DNA)
    • Alien Evolution (DNA)
  • Consumables
    • Sacred Ground (50 servings)
  • Recipes
    • First Aid Kit
    • Sacred Ground
    • Spirit Board

Non-Transferable Content

  • Consumables
    • S'mores
    • First Aid Kit
    • Spirit Board
  • Coonstagram friends (only ones that cannot be obtained from the main storyline)
    • Bradley Biggle
    • Old Mechanic
    • Len Hamlich
    • Milton Barker
    • Lisa Jankowski
    • Wayne Wilson
    • Ken Flannery
    • Pinchy
    • Nathan
    • Mimsy
    • Colette Francis
    • Reggie Burke
    • Chad Handler
    • Dennis Murray
    • Libby Perkins


  • This DLC is perhaps inspired from a 1960s cartoon show named Scooby-Doo. It might be related since the premise of Scooby-Doo is based on taking down Ghosts and Monsters, while Bring the Crunch has a similar plot.
    • In addition, Butters even seems to recall an episode with a similar plot.
    • When The New Kid arrives to Lake Tardicaca, Jimmy finishes the cutscene by saying: "Let's go inside the camp and look around for scooby-clues."
  • The DLC makes references to various classic horror films, some including:
    • The Cabin in the Woods (a literal cabin in the woods is seen)
    • Pet Semetery (a Native American burial ground is seen in the woods near the camp, and the Old Mechanic is based on Jud Crandall who warns the Creeds about the highway by their home and the burial grounds)
    • Child's Play (a creepy doll that murdered the mess hall lady is seen)
    • Ring (a dead girl, all dripping wet, is seen in relevance with a haunted video tape; also, the New Kid can be seen inside a television set if the tape is not brought for the ghost)
    • The Birds (a person that dies with his eyes poked out by birds is seen)
    • Friday the 13th (Mimsy wears a similar hockey mask and wields a similar machete to the villain Jason Voorhees during boss battles. The battle soundtracks in this DLC also parodies the music in the film.)
    • Creature from the Black Lagoon (Fish-man monsters are shown as enemies, also a costume set resembling the character can be acquired)
    • The Wolf Man (Werewolves are shown as enemies, also a costume set resembling the character can be acquired)
    • The Fly (Fly monsters are shown as enemies)
  • The Old Mechanic believes that the New Kid brings death wherever they go; this is actually quite true, not only in this DLC, but also in the main storyline and the first game as well.
  • Similar to the two previously released DLCs for South Park: The Fractured But Whole, this DLC has no achievements or trophies.

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