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Buca De Faggonchini is an location in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


Buca De Faggonchini is an Italian restaurant on the north side of South Park. The back room contains a large amount of caged cats (emptied after Night 1), as well as a small meeting place for the Italian mafia.

In The Bowels of the Beast, Coon and Friends visit Buca De Faggonchini while trailing Classi, fighting their way through the chefs in the process. This is where The Coon becomes available as a party member, as well as where The New Kid learns their first field ability: Diabetic Rage, which they need to use to move a large object blocking access to the back rooms. After inadvertently interrupting the Italian mafia's meeting, they're held at gunpoint, only to be "saved" by Randy Marsh, currently drunk on red wine.