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Butters Stotch (born September 11, 1987) is a paladin at Kupa Keep and is one of the six playable partners in South Park: The Stick of Truth and the first one you unlock in the game.  

For Butters' role in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, see Professor Chaos.  

For Butters' role in South Park: Phone Destroyer, see Deckhand Butters, Astronaut Butters, Choirboy Butters, Paladin Butters, and Professor Chaos (Phone Destroyer).


Butters wears a turquoise shirt with a yellow shield on it and pants.  He has blue shoulder pads with white outlines, a dark blue cape, and gold gloves with yellow trim. He also has a belt that appears to just be a rope and a gold crown/headband with a red (occasionally purple) gem in the center and has yellow puffball spiked hair.


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Butters is the first character you meet.  He helps you recruit the three warriors in Call the Banners, and goes with you into the basement of the Inn of the Giggling Donkey. He is a boss in the school if you side with the elves. He helps attack Clyde's Fortress and fights the final boss.


Butters is the first available ally in the game, joining once Call the Banners is started. He is able to heal the New Kid thanks to his Buddy Ability, and smite his enemies with the power of his hammer.

His standard hammer attack is unique in that it counts as two hits - one for the standard physical attack, and another for the bonus Holy damage. This makes Butters good against reviving enemies like Nazi Zombies; the first hit deals a lot of damage and sends the enemies' HP to zero, and the second knocks them out of the field.

There are many problems with Butters, though. He has a perk causing him to take twice as many attacks compared to the New Kid. While the latter can accumulate resistances to enemy attacks or drain health, Butters cannot. He also doesn't have a notably high HP pool, having only the same maximum HP as the New Kid, and he cannot use his buddy ability to heal himself. Altogether, this makes Butters surprisingly squishy for an early-game buddy.

He also doesn't have a ranged or multi-hit attack. This is notable in the first buddy tutorial where frontline enemies can spawn Riposting or with Shields to further underline the game mechanics. Without the missing attacks, he cannot attack Riposting enemies safely or pressure Shields effectively without the New Kid's help.

Overall, Butters serves as a decent starting buddy and has a very useful two-hit attack and decent hard-hitting abilities, but the hits he takes add up and he needs all the healing potions to survive getting battered time and time again.

Name Description Effect Picture
Born Victim.png

Born Victim (Perk)

Butters is just so innocent he naturally makes people want to punch him. Enemies are twice as likely to attack him in combat. Enemies are more likely to attack Butters. While this may save you from damage, Butters can't heal himself back. Keep an eye on his HP, for when he goes down, you're next!
Healing Touch.png

Healing Touch (Buddy Ability)

Butters steels the New Kid's resolve, restoring HP. Butters heals the New Kid by 15% of his maximum HP three times.
Butters healing.jpg
Hammer of Justice.png

Hammer of Justice

Butters hurls his hammer at a single melee target, making them Pissed Off. Great against armor. Butters hurls his hammer at any target in melee distance, dealing large damage and inflicting Pissed Off. Pissed Off prevents the enemy from using special attacks and targetting anyone except whoever pissed them off.

Do note that bosses are immune to the Pissed Off effect, just because.

Butters Hammer of Justice.jpg
Hammer of Storms.png

Hammer of Storms

Butters smites all targets in a column with massive Shock damage. Butters electrocutes all enemies in a single column with Shock damage. This can be used to attack enemies hiding in exposed columns.
Butters Hammer of Storms.jpg
Professor Chaos.png

Professor Chaos

Butters transforms into the evil genius Professor Chaos and unleashes a random devastating attack. Butters transforms into Professor Chaos and unleashes one of five random moves below.
Butters wheel of fate.jpg

Professor Chaos attacks

When Butters becomes Professor Chaos, he chooses one of five options from the wheel of fate.

Life Drain - Butters causes intense non-elemental damage to all enemies, and restores HP to himself and the New Kid equal to the damage done to all the opponents. Good for a quick and reliable HP recovery.
Butters life drain.jpg
Chaos Cloak - Butters shields himself and the New Kid with his cloak, giving them 9 shields to prevent all damage. This stacks on top of previous shields, if any. Enemies using melee attacks on these shields take slight damage, similar to a Thorns effect. Good if you have difficulty blocking attacks or need to recover.
Butters professor chaos.jpg
Chaos Blast - Butters blasts all opponents with a non-elemental attack to pierce all defense and cause high damage. Good against armored enemies.
Butters chaos blast.jpg
Hammer of Chaos - Butters summons a massive hammer to smash every opponent for moderate damage once, inflicting Stun along with it. Do note that bosses are immune to the Stun effect, just because. Good for setups or HP recovery.
Butters hammer of chaos.jpg
Chaos Storm - Butters zaps up to five random targets with energy bolts, each bolt dealing moderate damage. Good choice for lightly armored enemies.
Butters chaos storm.jpg



  • As a boss:
    • Butters has an exclusive ability called "Shield of Righteousness". This ability shields Butters for 5 hits.
    • His "Healing Touch" ability can be used on himself rather than on others only. It ends his turn, unlike his buddy ability, and it also removes all inflicted debuffs.
  • The jewel in Butters' headband regularly changes color from red to purple and vice versa.
  • Butters accidentally refers to the "carrier raven" as "Twitter", causing Cartman to angrily correct him.
    • Should the New Kid side with the elves, a similar scenario occurs with Stan and Kyle.
  • Butters' special ability "Hammer of Storms" is a reference to Thor's ability from Marvel.
  • Butters is the first character from the show to appear (second if Cartman narrating the prologue is counted), the first friend on the The New Kid's Friends List, the first buddy to join The New Kid, and the first buddy to be featured in The New Kid's house.
  • Butters is the only Buddy that doesn't give either side quests or main quests.

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