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The Stick of Truth has been taken, and you must round up Kupa Keep's best fighters to help take it back.

The Stick of Truth.jpg Don't gaze at it too long!

This article/section contains plot details about the game. Do not read ahead if you don't want it spoiled!


Cartman tells you to find Tweek, Token, and Craig. You must do their quests so they can play. Tweek needs you to get his delivery, Token's security guard won't let you in, and Craig is in detention.


Cartman has told you to find Tweek, Token, and Craig. From Kupa Keep, head through Cartman's house and outside. Head right and then up to the main street. Go left from there and through the basketball court. Continue down the road and up. Head left past the first building and you will find Tweek Bros. Coffee. Go in the back and talk to Tweek, who will ask you to get the delivery. Visit Hot Coffee for a walkthrough of this portion of the quest.

After the delivery, head left from Tweek Bros. past the movie theatre and head north at the corner. Go left again until you reach a gate with a security guard. Talk to him and he will pepper spray you. Visit Gate Crasher for a walkthrough of this portion of the quest.

Finally, go to Craig's house which is left from Cartman's house. His father will answer, telling you he's in detention. Return to Kupa Keep. Cartman tells you you must break him out. Visit Detention Sentence for the walkthrough of the final portion of the quest.

Return to Cartman and he will teach you the Cup-A-Spell, before going after The Bard and the stick.

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South Park The Stick of Truth - "Call the Banners Hot Coffee and Gate Crasher"