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Farmer Carl Denkins is the owner of the cattle ranch north of South Park.


Carl Denkins wears black boots, blue jeans with a belt, a red shirt and a black cowboy hat with a white stripe across it. He has a red mustache and thick eyebrows.


Carl Denkins appears in the sidequest Magical Songs in which Jimmy asks him if he can buy the flute he has for sale. Denkins tells him that the flute is inside the barn with the "crazy cattle" and gives them the key to the barn after Jimmy agrees to help him with them. He is later grateful that Jimmy and the player manage to kill off the crazy cattle and gives Jimmy the flute for free.


  • Magical Songs - He gives the key that opens the barn to the player so that they can kill the Nazi Zombie Cows and get the flute.


  • In the show, he is given the nickname "Rancher Bob." Here however, he is called "Rancher Bill."