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Cartman's House is the home of Eric Cartman and Liane Cartman, as well as the gateway to Kupa Keep.


Cartman's House is green on the outside and is a standard South Park house with four windows on the front and a garage to the right of the house.

Inside has a couch and TV as you enter the house with stairs to the second story, a cabniet and a table in front of the kitchen. The kitchen is a standard kitchen with a fridge and cupboards as well as the door to Kupa Keep.

Upstairs is Cartman's room as you reach the top of the stairs, Liane's room is next to it and the bathroom is at the end of the hallway.


Cartman's House is the first place the New Kid visits in South Park after moving there. Butters the Merciful takes him to meet the Grand Wizard, aka Eric Cartman.

Outside of a way to enter Kupa Keep, Cartman's House serves no real role in the plot.


  • Liane's room is full of sex toys and bongs, referencing her promiscuity and drug use.
  • Cartman's room is full of references to his previous adventures.