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This page lists all notable quotes voiced out by Chaos Kids in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.



  • Spotting the New Kid
    • "Move along, we're creating Chaos!"
    • "You dare disrupt the flow of Chaos?!"
    • "Look not upon the agents of Chaos!"
    • "Leave us be - we're sowing Chaos!"
    • "Chaos is ready to rumble!"
    • "Think you can quell our Chaos, fool?"
    • "Dare you bring order to Chaos, hero?"
    • "That's the vigilante kid, get him!"
    • "The vigilante Will anwser to Chaos!"
  • New Kid leaving
    • "Good, go away."
    • "You're smart to run from Chaos!"
    • "Yes... Leave chaos to Chaos."
    • "Yes, leave us to our Chaos!"
    • "Muahaha! You can't handle Chaos!"
    • "That counts as a victory for Chaos!"
    • "You can't get away from Chaos that easily!"
  • Attacked
    • "Oof! Asshole!"
    • "Fool! Chaos is no stranger to owies."
  • Passing by the bank, bank's entrance covered in lava
    • "Sure I'll let you un the bank - after the markets collapse!"
    • "New banking hours are never o' clock to never o' clock."
    • "Your precious global financial system is on flames! Muahaha!"
    • "Hope you socked away some pennies, because you're never getting in there!"
    • "Sorry, superhero! The bank is closed fue to a lava emergency!"
    • "Haha! You'll never get in here, super fool!"
  • During The Hundred Hands of Chaos
    • "The whole town will burn, and then the fires of Chaos Will consume the world!"
    • "Soon every living human and creature on Earth will be covered in lava!"
  • Dialogue
    • Idle
      • Chaos Kid: "Shall we spread disorder or entropy today?"
        Other Chaos Kid: "Yes and yes!"
      • Chaos Kid: "We're spreading some good Chaos today!"
        Other Chaos Kid: "Triple-A Chaos!"
    • Spotting the New Kid
      • Chaos Kid "Chaos is calling you out!"
        Other Chaos Kid: "Yeah, bitch!"
      • Chaos Kid: "Who can stand up to Chaos?"
        Other Chaos Kid: "Nobody!"
    • New Kid leaving
      • Chaos Kid: "What's the matter fool?"
        Other Chaos Kid: "Afraid of a little Chaos?"
      • Chaos Kid: "Chaos rules!"
        Other Chaos Kid: "Losers drools"!"


  • Battle start
    • "Beware the harbingers of randomness"
    • "Now, to prove my worth to Chaos!"
    • "Time to make the master proud"
    • "Beat 'em up so we can go back to playing Stick of Truth!"
    • "I'm ready to sacrifice myself for Chaos!"
    • "I'm not scared of nothing or nobody."
    • "The curtain of Chaos has fallen upon you, foes."
    • "Now to earn the "most valuable minion" award!"
    • "No problem, master! Chaos, coming right up!"
    • "Hmm, the odds seem kind of stacked against Chaos in this one."
    • "Let's get 'em, Chaos Kids!"
  • Turn start
    • "Topsy-turvy time, twerps!"
    • "On me! Let's swarm these fuckers!"
    • "Chaos is inevitable"
    • "Disorder shall reign"
    • "You're not match for my master!"
    • "Minion ready!"
    • "We're like locusts, dude!"
    • "Who wants some... Chaos?"
    • "Time to wreak havoc!"
    • "It's Chaos time!"
    • "Only madness and Chaos await you!"
    • "Pandemonium!"
    • "I heed Chaos' call!"
    • "Bow down to Chaos or pay the price, slave!"
    • "Let's do this."
    • "YOLO!"
    • "The hour of Chaos is at hand!"
    • "Kneel before Chaos, fool!"
    • "Kneel before Chaos or forfeit your puny life!"
    • "Let's rumble!"
  • Turn start, together with Bums and Meth Heads
    • "Stand Back, transients. Chaos will handle this."
    • "Chaos' army has never been stronger!"
  • Turn start, versus Human Kite
    • "How'd you like a free serving of Chaos, Kite boy?"
  • Skipping turn
    • "Come back to me next turn"
  • After attacking
    • "I hope the master saw that!"
    • "Die, puny human-ling"
    • "You're Chaos' bitch now!"
    • "Oh, you gonna cry now? I would."
    • "Pop goes the dickhead!"
    • "Bet you underestimated us minions."
    • "Come at me, douche!"
    • "Muahahaha on you!"
  • After Chaos Bomber using Lava of Chaos
    • "Embrace the Chaos!"
    • "Entropy!"
  • After Bum attacking
    • "Chaos appreceates your service, filthy gross dude."
  • Microaggressions
    • "Run home to Mommy fool!"
    • "You are a slave of Chaos now!"
  • Attacked
    • "You can't handicap Chaos!"
    • "Well, that doesn't even seem fair."
    • "Well, this sucks!"
    • "Chaos will make you suffer for that!"
    • "I didn't need this right now."
    • "Now you're on my list!"
    • "My master will kill you for this!"
    • "Suffering is a friend to Chaos!"
    • "What the hell was that?"
    • "I'm telling the Professor on you!"
    • "Hey, watch it!"
    • "I'm good, master. I'm OK."
    • "My master culls the weak and sick! I'm doomed!"
  • Bleeding
    • "Having a heavy flow day."
    • "Blood everywhere."
    • "Oh god, I'm bleeding out!"
    • "Blood? Really? I thought this was a game for kids!"
    • "I need a transfusion."
    • "I'll proudly shed blood for Chaos."
    • "Didn't know I has this much blood."
    • "Master, the bleeding won't stop!"
    • "I'm feeling drained."
    • "I'm getting woozy."
  • Bleeding and Chilled
    • "I just feel off all of a sudden."
  • Chilled
    • "I'm getting... frostbite."
    • "I could use a thaw."
    • "I want my blanky!"
    • "I can't feel my fingers."
    • "Jeez. Who cranked up the A/C?"
    • "What the f... What the fu..."
    • "Mom told me to dress in layers!"
    • "My balls are turning blue."
    • "Chaos will keep me warm."
    • "Winter is already here!"
  • Charmed
    • "I'm gonna give the other guys a try."
    • "I like your style, foe."
    • "Chaos bores me."
    • "I think Butters would understand if I defect, don't you?"
  • Enraged
    • "This calls for a temper tantrum!"
    • "You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts!"
    • "Goddamn dick-nipple titty-fuck assfarts!"
    • "Fuck I'm so fucking pissed right now, shit-dicks!"
  • Grossed Out
    • "I feel icky."
    • "This shit is nasty."
    • "Better... bring me... a bucket. Bleuuuuch."
    • "I need to find a toilet."
    • "I want off this ride."
  • Defeated
    • "I'm just a pawn here!"
    • "Avenge me, master!"
    • "I regret I have but one life to give to Chaos!"
    • "I failed you, Chaos!"
  • Chaos Kid defeated
    • "Minion down!"
    • "They're making this personal!"
    • "We must avenge our fellow minion!"
  • Dialogue
    • With Human Kite, battle start
      • Chaos Kid: "I'm not scared of nothing or nobody."
        Human Kite: "That's a double negative."
        Chaos Kid: "Exactly! CHAOS!"
    • With Meth Head, Meth Head turn start
      • Chaos Kid: "Who needs meth when you have Chaos?!"
        Meth Head: "Hey, you tryin' to put me out of a job?"
    • With Professor Chaos, battle start
      • Professor Chaos: "Gosh, minions, what gives?"
        Chaos Kid: "Your check bounced. Chaos minions wanna get paid!"
    • With Human Kite, Human Kite turn start
      • Human Kite: "Check your watch, crime: It's kite time."
        Chaos Kid: "Nobody wears watches anymore!"
  • Unsorted
    • Chaos Kid: "How are we doing, Professor?"
      Professor Chaos: "Not bad, my Chaos Minion!"
    • Chaos Kid: "I think he's...confused by all the Chaos we've been doing!"
      Other Chaos Kid: "Yayy!"