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This article/section contains plot details about the game. Do not read ahead if you don't want it spoiled!

Jerome "Chef" McElroy was the former cafeteria chef of South Park Elementary School until his death. He returns as a zombie in South Park: The Stick of Truth. He appears near the end of the game serving as a boss, having been revived by Clyde Donovan to fight the player.


Chef's hat and red shirt are wrinkled and torn up. He has a black beard and scars on his face. He has stitches across his body and his torso is open, revealing his red insides.


  • If the player dies and cannot be revived during battle, when Chef is at 1 HP, he will remain invincible. This also means that the player may have to start over at the beginning.
    • Though Chef will remain at 1 HP when only a buddy is fighting, he will not attack, causing an ongoing battle that never ends.
  • He also appears in the school in the "Hall of Honor" shelf labelled "In Loving Memory" along with Pip Pirrup, Veronica Crabtree, Diane Choksondik, and Gordon Stolski.
  • Most of his songs can be heard playing in some of the buildings.
  • The only way to defeat Chef once and for all during his boss fight is to quickly fart on him after being set on fire by Clyde.
  • Chef is the only zombie in the game that is a boss character.
    • Princess Kenny doesn't count as you fight her as a human before she takes the goo to become a zombie.
    • The fetus is more of two strong enemies because the umbilical cord attacks the New Kid and heals the fetus.