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Civil War 4.0 is the Gamma challenge found in the City Dump Scenario in the Danger Deck.


This challenge has the player fight against combatants from the three Civil War battles that take place during the game's main story-line, which are almost all of the combat buddies and allies The New Kid gains during the game.

Acording to it's description, this challenge is Tupperware's "Ultimate" test of character in a critical situation in which someone has almost no possibilities of winning.


As mentioned before, the enemies are combatants from the Civil War battles.


  • Charmed (Everyone)
  • Confused (Dr. Timothy)

On the Ultra version of the challenge, all of the enemies are inmune to all status effects.


Normal Version (IN-PROGRESS)

The tactics to defeat them varies, due to the enemies' clustering nature, one way to do that is to use the power of knockback combo. Equip as many knockback combo boosting artifacts as you can, Pride of Nippopolis will have great help here. To ensure the first round is in your hands, equip DNA that can boost your move stat. Equip the ability Root Burst of the Plantmancer to deal the damage effectively. And put the Double-Edge in your abilities to make the start go faster.

On the first round, move yourself next to the enemies with Double-Edge's help, and deal two times of combo damage with Root Burst, then have your time clone do the same with Timefart Summon. At this point, characters with minor health (Wonder Tweek, Toolshed etc.) should be gone now, let the rest of your group prepared for the arrival of Super Craig and Captain Diabetes, Doctor Timothy can be left from the concerns, as he will likely die of bleeding caused by the Root Burst before he can reach any of your group.

Ultra Version (IN-PROGRESS)


After completing this challenge along with the other ones in the City Dump Scenario, The New Kid will be awarded with the Summons Decryptor, which allows any Summon items to be purchased from The Coon's Lair and The Freedom Pals' Base.

After completing this challenge along with the rest of them in the Ultra mode, The New Kid will be rewarded with the Asgard Suit and Bracers.


  • Call Girl, Fastpass, The Coon, Professor Chaos and Tupperware are from the base game but are not present as enemies during this challenge.
  • While Human Kite is present at the Title Card for the battle, he is not present in the Menu Icon for the challenge selection screen.