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Clyde's Fortress is located in Clyde's backyard. It is the base of his Army of Darkness.


The fortress is a giant tower built around a large tree. There is a moat around it and a gate blocking access to the tower. There are multiple levels of the tower, ending with a throne room at the top. To the left of this room is a shop and a balcony.


There is a conveniently placed shop before the final boss battle at the top of the tower just before the high balcony. It sells all types of food items in all sizes, as well as some exclusive patches and strap-ons. A Clyde wig can also be bought.


  • Clyde's Fortress shows many design errors during the final battle, especially with the "balcony" where the battle against Princess Kenny takes place.
  • The only members of the fortress who were supposed to be fought but were scrapped are The Vampire Kids.
  • It is shown that Clyde's Fortress occupies most of the backyard, thus making Clyde's house to have the largest backyard in the game.