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Coon and Friends is one of the two superhero factions in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It is the first faction the New Kid joins.


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Coon and Friends are led by The Coon. In the South Park episode 'Franchise Prequel', the Coon reveals his franchise plan to make billions of dollars, after showing his team the phases, Toolshed, Mysterion, Tupperware, and Wonder Tweek disagree with the plan because they don't have their own films/shows. They later left the faction to form their own faction called the Freedom Pals.

Coon and Friends compete against Freedom Pals to catch Scrambles to earn the reward money for their franchise. Later, The Coon assigns The New Kid to spy on the Freedom Pals to obtain all the information they have and to essentially betray them.


Current Members

Former Members

After a disagreement of the franchise plan set up by The Coon, these members decide to form their own franchise called Freedom Pals.

Later Members

Days after the divide, a new member joins the team.


Entrance to Coon Lair.

Named as the Coon Lair, the headquarters of Coon and Friends is located at the basement of Cartman's House.

The entrance to the Coon Lair is passcode protected, which is changed each day in-game. The first passcode for the Coon Lair is obtained inside Cartman's Journal in his bedroom from the mission Origins.

The passcodes to enter the Coon Lair are as below:

  • 307 (FUCK YOU MOM) - On Day 1 (Sunday) in-game.
  • 136 (GET SCRAMBLES FAST) - On Day 2 (Monday) in-game.
  • 529 (NO GIRLS ALLOWED) - On Day 3 (Tuesday) in-game.
  • 561 (RETRIBUTION WITH INCLUSION) - On Day 4 (Wednesday) and onward in-game.
Coon and Friends
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