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This page is for all missions, objects and characters at which some point was originally planned to be in South Park: The Stick of Truth, but were scraped in the final version for various or unknown reasons. A list of removed content can founded below.

You are able to play these builds below.

Build #814 - PS3

Build #858 - XBOX 360

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Build #860 - XBOX 360

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Build #864 - XBOX 360

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Builds #870 - 897 - XBOX 360

Build #1188 - PC

Early Development

In the summer of 2009 a suspected prank call from Matt Stone and Trey Parker, as Obsidian was on the list of developers to work on the game. This wasn't the first time that Obsidian found celebrities, however a publisher was needed with Viacom not backing up game development during this time the South Park Studios Team backed up the project themselves, until they found THQ to publish the game. The first draft was an adaptation of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, along with a 500 page script and several test animations to go with the project. Another draft from this time featured a basic story arch of a New Kid, fighting different bosses including Bullies, Ike, and Mr. Kim.

An early THQ build of the game that appeared in the December 2011 Game Informer issue that revealed the game appeared very different. Stan, Kyle, and Cartman appeared to be members of the same Kingdom, which also included Clyde from the beginning, and operated out of a wooden treehouse. The first level involved fighting Ginger Kids to rescue Cartman's doll, Polly Prissypants, and references to City Wok as well as fighting Hippies and Crab People were also made. Almost none of these elements made it to the final game.

The article also mentioned, confirmed in the game files, a sidequest called "Kung Pao", which involved obtaining City Wok chicken (Picture under "Scrapped Quest Items") for Cartman. According to low-quality sound files in the graphic files for Mr. Kim and template ones, at one point the new kid would've had to fight Mr. Kim. He used a spoon along with sweet and sour food as projectiles. However in the leaked playable builds this is absent. Promotional materials had previously referred to the quest, and it is unknown why it was scrapped.

The issue also referred to only as South Park: The Game and the cover included a version of Princess Kenny that lacked the trademark hood but had the same hairstyle and a similar, though different-colored dress. The back cover included a large dragon, Satan, and Jesus and completely different costumes for many of the side characters, most of which more closely resembled those from the Season 6 episode The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers.

Around May, 2012 was the official release title for Stick of Truth. With an official trailer around the time of E3 2012, along with a trailer and a canceled demo. It would've featured an edited version of the removed Cemetery Quest and an introduction to the game. During Comic Con 2012 an older version of the South Park Avatar Creator was also used as how the character customization would've worked in the game. During the time of December, 2012 THQ filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and auctioned off the assets of ownership to the game, which was bought off by Ubisoft for $3.2 million.

Once bought off by Ubisoft significant changes were forced to be made. As with the initial plan of release the game had too much as a goal, which content had to be cut and release date was pushed back by 6 months favor for March, 2014. The game was released during the favor goal of March 6, 2014 and was a huge success on Ubisoft, Obsidian, and South Park Studios. (Not all content though was cut though because of the purchase, as seen when comparing the current leaked builds to the ones used for the 2012 gameplay trailers.)

Class System

When the original Game Informer article was released, five classes were indicated: Adventurer, Rogue, Wizard, Paladin and Jew. These classes were revised over development to become the final class system, which included Fighter, Thief, Mage and Jew.

Files similar to those for the other four classes were also included for a Cleric class not available in the final game for reasons suggested in the below strings:

    <Value>Kicking ass in the name of religion, the Cleric channels his faith to heal the wounded and smite the wicked. The Cleric's strong combination of prolific healing and defensive spells make him, without a doubt, the best class in the game.</Value>

Cemetary Quest Line

Originally a quest line involved the player visiting a cemetery next to the South Park Church where they would have to battle multiple hordes of Vampire Kids and bats throughout the cemetery until they could access a central building - a castle-like structure in early builds and the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch in later builds - where the Vampire Kids were hiding out. A confrontation with Mike "Vampir" Makowski would be a final boss for the player, revealing the Vamp Kids' efforts to protect the town from "Deep Ones", who can only be defeated by H. P. Lovecraft.

During the Gain New Allies quest line, the player would instead seek the Goth Kids at Perkins' Restaurant, located between Bijou Theatre and Tweek Bros. Coffee in the final game, where they would then be tasked with looking more goth as they are in the final game, and meeting the Goth Kids behind the school. After this however, the player would visit the Biggle Residence and help perform a seance, accidentally summoning Michael Jackson into Michael's body for a boss battle before successfully summoning H. P. Lovecraft.

The final section would involve visiting the Makowski House, located next to Mr. Slave's House, where the "Deep Ones" would be revealed to be Crab People, and the Goth Kids would form their alliance with the player.

Although screenshots of the cemetery sequence were released early in development, the quest line was abandoned, though the Vampire Kids still appear in the background as members of Clyde's Army of Darkness. In addition, the earliest screenshots suggested the castle-like structure, which was later replaced with the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch (labeled 'Mephisto's Lab') despite having the same interior, before the level was cut altogether.

Files in the game data refer to 'TakeVampireBook' suggesting this was an objective to steal a book from them. (see "Scrapped Quest Items".) Also, a picture of an altar similar to the one Butters had in "The Ungroundable" was found, with references to "unlock_altar". Regarding the cemetery itself, a reference was found to an item "shriv_carcass". Several junk items related to the Vamp Kids have also been found, including fake fangs, glitter, and tomato juice. Also found were unused sound files for abilities such as "Immortal Blood" and "Leviatum Clottus", which may have been combat abilities for the Vampire Kids.

The cut levels can be viewed here.

The Vampire Kids are eventually added into a DLC for the sequel game, as such with Mike Makowski and Michael Jackson.

Underpants Gnomes

Like the Crab People, the Underpants Gnomes also had a larger or different role in the beta than in the final release. Discussion at one point included a shared zone for both Crab People and Underpants Gnomes underground, but trailers and files suggest that during the beta is that it may have been possible for the New Kid to visit the Underpants Gnome's mines.

Interestingly enough, in the beta stages of the game, the Underpants Gnomes and the Crab People shared a Facebook friend icon, rather than the separate one they currently have.

Heidi Turner Quest Line

The "Recruit the Girls" Quest Line originally seemed to include a mission that involved visiting Heidi Turner's home and stealing her diary. Her house had strings in the game files, her parents had friend icons created, and a reference was found to "GetHeidiDiary".

In the final game, Heidi is implicated based on her mother's use of the Unplanned Parenthood abortion clinic after the documents are translated into French.

Unused Areas

Though they are significantly fewer than those for the locations included in the game, there are a scant few files labelled 'hellspass' and 'evgames' indicating at a very early point in production, Hell's Pass Hospital and EV Games were intended for inclusion.

In addition, strings for the following locations were found:

<String ID="9 Henrietta Biggle's House</Value>
<ID>10</ID> <Value>Mike Makowski's House</Value>
<ID>11</ID> <Value>Heidi Turner's House</Value>
<ID>12</ID> <Value>Sparkle Chamber</Value>
<ID>28</ID> <Value>Wolf Security</Value>
<ID>43</ID> <Value>South Park Mall</Value>
<ID>48</ID> <Value>Mephisto's Lab</Value>
<ID>55</ID> <Value>The Dickless Mounty</Value>
<ID>56</ID> <Value>Maple Syrup Factory</Value>
<ID>60</ID> <Value>Gnome Village</Value>
<ID>64</ID> <Value>Hell</Value>
<ID>65</ID> <Value>Cave of the Winds</Value>
<ID>66</ID> <Value>Elven Forest</Value>

Henrietta Biggle's House and Mephesto's Lab (renamed as South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch) were eventually added for the sequel game.

Christmas Town

Official concept art from the site and Game Informer article show a Christmas-like town in the North Pole where the player could meet Mr. Hankey or Santa Claus. According to concept art by PJ Raines a crime scene with a dead Jesus was most likely to take place, along with Underpants Gnomes were to be involved. Fully rendered models for the Christmas Cops and their weapons exist in the files.

Similar concept art was made for a de-militarized zone between Crab People and Underpants Gnomes.

Bosses and Enemies


Orcs were seen to be the earliest and were the most common enemy type in the game. They range from being swordsman with shields to firing basic arrow projectiles. They could be found in various battle locations in the neighborhood and have battle backgrounds from snowy mountain landscapes to caves. The last they appeared was for promotional artwork for Jimmy.

Ginger Kids

The ginger kids appeared in the game as hall monitors, but in the beta version they appeared to be an entire rival faction. Screenshots before the game was released showed the player and his buddy battling gingers in a location not seen on the game. It is possible that the developers originally intended to resurrect the Ginger Separatist Movement but later scrapped the idea for their role as school authority.

According to an article on Game Informer, the beta version of the game involved rescuing Polly Prissypants from Ginger Kids in the Woods.

The game's audio files revealed unused sound effects for the abilities "Soul Infusion" and "Soul Sacrifice". it is possible that these were originally abilities for the Ginger Kids since they have no souls.

A picture of a ginger scalp was also found, with references to "unlock_scalp". The original intention of this item is unknown.


One screenshot shows Cartman and the New Kid fighting hippies. They were probably going to be a side quest and act like homeless people or Meth Tweakers. Files still left in the game showed that there were both 4th grade and adult hippies, which they had a camp and were playing drums and driving a van. Another key location they were hiding in as well too was Kenny's Basement seen in multiple trailers. Also found was evidence of a boss for the side quest and a cellar location, much like Cartman's prison in "Die, Hippie, Die". A small portion of Gurus were also to be found in South Park, mostly in protest of City Wok's non-organic food and

Stupid Spoiled Whores

According to an interview done by IGN with Feargus Urquhart and several files, whores were to be a faction. Most likely would've been unarmed. There also would've been a Stupid Spoiled Whore as a location with a clerk running the store. A heavy focus on Paris Hilton was to be used too, as posters of her were to be all around town and would've had her own stage, where she would've been a boss with a special "Vag Blast." It was most likely from Feargus' memory was censorship issues. Under build #814 they appear during a quest related to the girls wanting to have a dance. As part of this you were supposed to search through Mr. Mackey's storage room, which once you got done looking they confronted you to not have the dance.


Some elven enemies like these were removed, and interestingly enough, they're female. It's likely they were removed because the majority of the game's players were male, with The Girls being the only females to participate in their game.They also are holding a bubble wand. Some female elves briefly appear in the cutscenes.

Crab People

Mentioned early on as an enemy race in the game, the Crab People played a larger role in the game's early stages as regular enemies, though their exact role is unknown. Discussion at one point included a shared zone for both Crab People and Underpants Gnomes underground, though files suggest a separate 'Crab City' was under consideration. Concept art early in the game development implied that Clyde had recruited them to his Army of Darkness, and a friend icon was created for a Crab King.

In the final version of the game, a lone Crab Person appears in the Sewers to offer the player a friend request. They would play a more significant role in the sequel game.

Chris Donnely

In the game files, almost everything related to Jimmy's house has "Donnely" in the name, and Chris Donnely's sword was found among the scrapped weapons. It can be inferred that the Giggling Donkey was originally intended to be the Donnely residence, and Chris Donnely had a much larger role than in the actual game. There are also references to a 'DonneleyDefeated' file, suggesting he is involved in a battle.

Unused voiceover files confirm this:

  • "I am Chris Donnely, champion of the elves, blade of the west of South Park! Greater men than you have tried to storm my house!"
  • "My blade is known as Gromcrust, the man penetrator!"
  • "My king...I have failed..."
  • "Arise! To battle once more!"
  • "We elves are immortal!"
  • "Warriors, to me! Form ranks!"
  • "The elves control the universe now, you're no match for us!"
  • "You wouldn't know what to do with the stick if you had it!"
  • "You're finished, human!"
  • "You are not worthy to be master of the stick!"
  • "Greedy human! The stick will never be yours!"
  • "Humans are our ancient foe!"
  • "Begone, human!"
  • "For glory!"
  • "Die, coward!"
  • "Justice be done!"
  • "Too slow, human!"

Further examination of the audio files for the quest "The Bard" showed that the entire confrontation between Cartman and Jimmy had "chris_donnely" in the name, and the humans' responses to his defeat were named some variation of "donnely_defeated". Therefore, it is almost certain that Chris Donnely was originally the final boss in The Bard, rather than Jimmy.

Officer Barbrady

Audio files indicate a boss battle against Officer Barbrady after breaking into a home was intended at some point. According to the commentary for Season 16 of the show, the episode "Insecurity" was based on a scrapped idea for getting past people's home security systems.

Unknown Boss

Official concept art on the site shows a demon/gargoyle like creature that could be intended as a boss. Nothing else is known about it at this time.

Summons & Allies

Liane Cartman

Examination of the game's coding reveals that Liane Cartman was supposed to be one of Cartman's Abilities. During this ability, Cartman would whine and Liane would bring him and the New Kid various recovery items, including Small Health Potions, Speed Potions, and Revive Potions. It's not known why this attack was removed, but it's likely that it was removed for being overpowered, as players could continuously switch Cartman out to refill his PP and generate an unlimited amount of items.

Beary Summon

Beary the Bear was originally going to be a summon using his satanic powers. In the actual game he got reduced to a Facebook friend for unknown reasons.

The Glee Club

The Glee Club was a third faction that took place on the attack of Clyde's Fortress. They originally were the ones who told the New Kid to attend the PTA meeting, as they wanted to be recognized as an actual club. The leader was known as Dan, along with another known member named Bobby who appears as an unused friend. They still appear in the prerendered cutscenes in the retail version.

The Starfleet Federation

Another faction found within the builds that acted as a fourth one that helped the attack on Clyde's Fortress. Cutscenes from the builds show that the New Kid would've had to find Kevin's tricorder in order for them to join. They still appear though in the follow up episodes to the game and pre-rendered cutscenes before the attack in retail.

The Girls

Audio files indicate that the girls were allied with the faction you choose for Attack the School.

  • "You'll have to go into the boys' bathroom without us! I'm sorry, you got it! Get into the classroom, we'll head off the reinforcements."

Other files and early gameplay revealed that originally, Kyle asked the New Kid to recruit the girls (possibly the cheerleaders or fairies) and the Glee Club as well as the goths to their side in the siege on South Park Elementary, so Gain New Allies once involved recruiting three factions, not one.

  • "There he is! Our spy returns."
  • "A carrier raven has told me of your success in recruiting the girls, Goths, and Glee Club. Simply call them here and your dedication to the Drow Elves will be complete!"
  • "New Kid, you have our friendship. Take this fine Elven armor and dagger."

Files in the builds show case that at one point the girls were to have fairy costumes, though they can still be in the cutscene on the attack inside Clyde's Fortress.

Stealth Mechanic

At one point in development, there was a stealth mechanic planned involving the Cheese costume set, in which the New Kid would have to sneak his way past an unknown danger by wearing the set and disguising himself as a piece of cheese to avoid being spotted. The hiding animation still remains in the game, and is activated if the New Kid wears the full Cheese set and remains idle for a second.

Unused Voiceovers

Big Gay Al

Audio files were found for Big Gay Al reacting to getting hit.

  • "Hey! Oh, honey, no!"

Butters Stotch

In the 2013 gameplay trailer , Butters Stotch mentions a line after healing Cartman during the quest The Bard.

  • "My king!"

Dr. Doctor

Audio files were found for Dr. Doctor, usually seen at Hell's Pass Hospital or his own practice, in reaction to the player farting.

  • "That colon's gone spastic!"

Kelly ("Rainforest Schmainforest")

Audio files were found for Kelly from "Rainforest Schmainforest".

  • "I'm emotionally damaged. Let's be Facebook friends instead of having a real relationship."
  • "Just message me if you want to talk!"

Bridon Gueermo

Audio files were found for Bridon Gueermo in reaction to the player farting.

  • "Whatever makes you happy."


The pedophile praises your fighting abilities. He was apparently originally intended to be represented by The Ghost of Human Kindness instead of a new character.

  • Wow, good job kid. You're quite the fighter!"

Sergeant Yates

Sergeant Yates was originally planning on blowing up the Police Station, presumably to get rid of Nazi Zombies.

  • "Let's torch these fuckers!"

Tweek Tweak

Tweek has an extra line during The Bard .

  • "AAHHH! The music! Where is it coming from?"


Originally, there were a few "eunuchs" in the attic of the Giggling Donkey, defending the Bard.

  • "Your traps won't work on us, we're eunuchs, loyal to the Bard!"
  • "Yeah, yeah, we're eunuchs. Does that...does that make us gay?"
  • "Yeah, we're gay eunuchs!"

Cartman's Attackers

Several audio files were found for the elves who attacked Cartman during The Bard. Originally, the New Kid had to rescue Cartman as well as Kenny.

  • "Take that!"
  • "Die, wizard!"
  • 'I saw him move. Keep beating on him!"
  • "Elves are better. Say it!"
  • "Not so tough when you get ambushed, huh?"
  • "Pathetic!"
  • "This is awesome!"


  • Game files were found referring to Douglas, Francis, and Kevin from "Summer Sucks" (one of the scrapped Facebook friends), as larper_douglas, larper_francis, and larper_kevin. Examination of their appearances shows that all three of them do seem to be dressed for roleplaying. However, in the actual game, Francis is building a snowman, Douglas is hiding in a building, and Kevin was cut altogether.
  • The file name of Leroy Mullens' Facebook profile picture has his name as "Reginald".
  • Incredibly, the files for the pedophile in Photo Dojo are named for the Ghost of Human Kindness.
  • Originally, Jimmy's song was "There once was a lady" instead of "There once was a maiden".
  • Porn magazines were going to be a collectable.
  • Call the Banners was originally called "Triforce".
  • Under THQ, the game was to be dubbed into several European languages (dubbed trailers were even released), using South Park's voice cast for each language. When the assets were sold to Ubisoft, the foreign dubs were abandoned, although the game's text and subtitles language can still be changed.

Scrapped Friends

Scrapped Patches

Scrapped Equipment

The Goad, Sparkle Wand, Laser Sword, Axe, Cattle Prod and Sword Breaker were eventually added into the game as exclusive weapons for the game's available classes.

Scrapped Costumes

Some of the costumes were likely earlier versions of the ones that made it into the game.





This costume set is eventually included in the game via the Ultimate Fellowship Pack DLC.


There is supposedly a different version of the Jew costume, resembling Hebrews in ancient times rather than what it is now.

The initial Jew outfit returns to the game as the "Holy Defender" costume.



The Witch outfit DOES appear in the game, but with a different look.



The file is named Knight, but this is basically Clyde's costume.


Bling, part of this set, is in the game in the South Park police station, and the Du Rag can be bought from the roadside merchant.




Scrapped Quest Items

Scrapped Status Effects

Scrapped Abilities

Scrapped Perks

Scrapped Tools

Scrapped Chinpokomon

A Chinpokomon figure resembling a more Egyptian version of the Pokémon Lucario is seen among the scrapped Chinpokomon content.

Scrapped DLC

The Mysterion pack would have had a superhero costume, a Mysterion (Kenny) summon and a dagger of Cthulhu.

The Good Times With Weapons pack would have a samurai costume, a Bulrog (Cartman) summon and Cartman's kick ass sai. The sai has been found among the scrapped weapons.

The superhero costume and samurai costume were the only parts of these DLC packs that didn't get scrapped. Instead, they went into the Super Samurai Spaceman Pack.