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D-Mobile is a location in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


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D-Mobile is a telecommunications store in South Park. It is located between the South Park Post Office and Mrs. Testaburger's office, with the alley leading to Raisins beside it on the left. The building is a green rectangular building with two windows, a dark green door with a window in between and a black sign with the D-Mobile logo on it on the top of the building.

Its most prominent appearance is in the mission (You Can) Call On Me, whereby The New Kid accompanies Call Girl to have her phone fixed, only to discover that the store has been taken over by Crab People and their leader, King Crab. The New Kid and Call Girl is forced to take down the Crab People and King Crab, rescuing the actual employees of D-Mobile in the process. After the mission, selfies can be taken with all employees except for David, whereby the D-Mobile Plan must be purchased from the store's counter for $30 in return for a selfie to be taken with him (in fact, the selfie with David can be taken even before the mission is triggered, as long as the D-Mobile Plan is purchased).

From Day 4 onward in-game, Mrs. Stevens (Bebe Stevens's mother) can be spotted inside the store, whereby a selfie can be taken with her (with the condition that an Accent Makeup item must be fitted to The New Kid).

D-Mobile store employees (from right) David, Jeff and Eddie meeting Call Girl and The New Kid.