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Damien Thorn is a minor character who appears in South Park: The Stick of Truth.


Damien appears to be a causacian boy with black hair and black clothing, and furrowed angry eyebrows.


Damien is found inside the Bijou Theatre and upon talking to him, he introduces himself as the Antichrist and says that there is nothing more vile to him than Rob Schneider and he friends you on Facebook.

He threatens that you will pay dearly if you post anything wimpy, lame or motivational onto his Facebook wall.



  • Even though he was voiced by Trey Parker in the game, in the show, he is voiced by Matt Stone.
  • This is his first speaking role in the South Park franchise since the eponymous episode "Damien" in Season One.
  • He can also be shown on a missing photo that can be found in the Police Station and the park.