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Danger Deck is a downloadable content expansion for for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It is released on December 19, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4[1]. The Nintendo Switch version was released on April 24, 2018.


Danger Deck is a section in the Freedom Pals‘ base that utilizes holographic images to train the combat skills of allies. Tupperware invented this section to push the boundaries of the Freedom Pals, nevertheless, if The New Kid has paid for it, access is enabled to the facility as well.

There are five Scenario Sets, consisting of three challenges each. All challenges in the Danger Deck are locked at Mastermind combat difficulty, however the enemies' health bar is adjusted in accordance to the player's current Might level. The challenges can be performed in any particular order.

After a simulation challenge is completed with a victory, the New Kid will receive rewards. For single challenges, the rewards consists of antidotes, health refreshments, revive serums, and some cash. The quality of the consumables depends on the difficulty of the battle. When all challenges in a single Scenario Set is cleared, the main reward for the set is dispensed, and the Ultra Modifier for the Scenario Set is immediately unlocked.

In Ultra Modifier mode, the player would be imposed in conditions disadvantageous to the player, however the rewards offered upon completion are outstanding.

Apart from the challenges itself, the DLC also includes some free in-game costumes upon purchase.

The Danger Deck DLC update also includes a new combat difficulty setting for the game: Diabolic, where enemies gain huge advantages.

It is also worth noting that most rewards earned from the Danger Deck will be included to all save files of the game, therefore if the game were to be replayed again from the beginning, the rewards can be obtained right away from the very first mission of the game itself. However, the Summons Decryptor and City Ninja Assassination Contract is not available for the inclusion.

Battles Included

Sixth Grader Base Scenario

  • Alpha: Charm School
    • Description: Fight through an onslaught of Charm attacks from South Park's deadliest temptresses. And Rebecca.
    • Enemies: Raisins Girls (4 units), Ho Bruiser, Rebecca (2 units)
  • Beta: Scorched Earth
  • Gamma: Heavy Hitter
  • Ultra modifier: Turns are skipped by a Real-Time Event!
  • Normal reward: DNA: Nanobot Chassis
  • Ultra reward: Costume: Asgard Headwear and Scars

Lounge Scenario

  • Alpha: Shadow Swarm
    • Description: This relentless summoning algorithm has one directive: overwhelm you with an infinite supply of clones.
    • Enemies: Thief Craig (2 units, summons 5 units of Clone Thief Craig), Ninja Summoners (2 units, summons 1 unit of Ninja Sniper)
  • Beta: Dead and Beary'd
    • Description: Double the pain as you face off twin Bearys backed up by a motley crew of snipers.
    • Enemies: Redneck Sniper, Dead Flinger Chaos Minion, Beary (2 units), Accusations Sniper, Prep Cook
  • Gamma: We Three Freemans
    • Description: A noxious bout of ass-to-ass combat against Morgan Freeman and two of his younger selves.
    • Enemies: Morgan Freeman, Backstory Morgan Freeman (2 units)
  • Ultra modifier: When an enemy dies, the rest increase their damage and health!
  • Normal reward: Component: City Ninja Assassination Contract (The access item to take a selfie with Mr. Kim, in return he’ll follow you on Coonstagram; also Ninja enemies will no longer spawn around South Park)
  • Ultra reward: Epic Artifact: Amaze Ball

Graveyard Scenario

  • Alpha: Boneyard Bullies
    • Description: Take a stand against abusive Sixth Graders and the hideous abominations of nature that normalize their behavior.
    • Enemies: Ninja Sniper, Sixth Grader Bruiser, Alpha Cat, King Crab, Crab Medic, Sixth Grader Medic
  • Beta: Adverse Conditions
    • Description: Square off against holo-thugs dispensing AoE attacks laced with punishing status effects.
    • Enemies: Ol' Bomber, Wonder Tweek (2 units), Sixth Grader Leader, Police Sniper, Withdrawal Griefer
  • Gamma: Disarray Unfoiled
    • Description: General Disarray returns with an elite Chaos squad determined to wreak total havoc on your team.
    • Enemies: General Disarray (summons Chaos Minions - 3 units of Chaos Bombers, 2 units of Chaos Snipers)
  • Ultra modifier: Team members are Shocked at the start of their turns!
  • Normal reward: Costume: Hi Rez Helmet
  • Ultra reward: Epic Artifact: Avenging Nezumi

Waste Management Scenario

  • Alpha: Mental Assault
    • Description: Expect the unexpected as Confuse attacks keep the tides of battle ever-shifting.
    • Enemies: Redneck Sniper, Warrior Clyde, Security Bombers (2 units), Meth Head Medic
  • Beta: Beasts and Priests
    • Description: Fight a battle of biblical proportions against an unholy alliance of Catholic Priests and Woodland Critters.
    • Enemies: Porcupiney, Racoony, Beavery, Father McManus (3 units)
  • Gamma: Jared Reloaded
    • Description: Only the sharpest tactical mind can withstand the second coming of Jared.
    • Enemies: Jared (2 units), Jared's Aides (2 units)
  • Ultra modifier: Your Spunk stat is nullified, rendering all team Healing powers useless!
  • Normal reward: Costume: Hi Rez Suit and Gloves
  • Ultra reward: Epic Artifact: Danger Gyro

City Dump Scenario

  • Alpha: Emotional Violence
    • Description: Face a legion of Therapy Kids programmed in advanced shaming techniques.
    • Enemies: Therapy Kids (6 units), Sixth Grader Medics (2 units)
  • Beta: Stand Your Ground
    • Description: Enemies rush and knock their way into your personal space in this vulgar yet scientifically fascinating study of kinetic energy.
    • Enemies: Sheila, Mini Supreme (Professor Chaos), Deery, Jared's Aide, Police Assassin (2 units)
  • Gamma: Civil War 4.0
  • Ultra modifier: Enemies are immune to Status Effects!
  • Normal reward: Component: Summons Decryptor (Enables Summon items to be purchased from the Coon Lair and Freedom Pals Base's stores)
  • Ultra reward: Costume: Asgard Suit and Bracers

Attached Free Rewards

  • Stan's street clothes set 
  • Kyle's street clothes set
  • Kenny's street clothes set
  • Wendy's street clothes set
  • Danger Deck costume set (Suit, Gloves, Headgear)
  • Lucha costume set (Suit, Gloves, Headgear)
  • Slugger costume set (Suit, Gloves, Headgear, Shiner Accent Makeup)
  • Dastardly costume set (Suit, Gloves, Hat, Monocle Eyewear)


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  • Unlike the original game, the DLC has no achievements or trophies.
  • The rewards make some reference to popular culture.
    • The Hi Rez costume set makes a reference to the costume Stan wears in the South Park episode "You Have 0 Friends".
    • The Asgard costume set bears similarities to Thor's new outfit from the movie Thor: Ragnarok.
  • The name for the DLC and the challenges’ stage, Danger Deck, is a reference to both the Danger Room of the X-Men series and the Holodeck of the Star Trek series.
  • This DLC is the only one that all playable characters appear in (including Henrietta and Mint-Berry Crunch).