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"I told you ManBearPig was out there! He is attacking the Church now!" -Al Gore

Defeat ManBearPig is the final quest in the Al Gore questline. As it states, the player must defeat ManBearPig, although Al Gore in disguise, once and for all. Despite this, he will still appear at the ending cutscene where he peaks behind the three boys.


Soon after defeating Al Gore in Unfriend Al Gore and looting his secret room, he will post a message saying that ManBearPig is attacking the Church. When you arrive at the Church, go left until you see Al Gore behind a tree disguised as ManBearPig.  Like in the fight against Al Gore in Unfriend Al Gore, ManBearPig is very tough and can deal high amounts of damage, even if the player blocks the attacks. Despite this, ManBearPig has no allies it can use, which makes this fight far easier than the first one.