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Craig is in detention, and you must break him out so he can help retake the Stick of Truth.

The Stick of Truth.jpg Don't gaze at it too long!

This article/section contains plot details about the game. Do not read ahead if you don't want it spoiled!


Go to the school and fight past the ginger kids. Get the bronze key and go to the faculty room. Clear the room, heal the boy, and get the key to Macky's office. Grab the key from his office and try to open the cafeteria. Fight the Hallway Monitor Boss and free Craig from detention.


Make your way to the school, following the map. Walk inside, where you will be confronted by a ginger hallway monitor. He will tell you to leave. Don't, and he will attack. Defeat him and he will call for help. Walk through the door on the right. Here, you will find more gingers. Use your dragonshout to blow up the barricade and continue on. The cafeteria door is locked, so you must find the keys. Continue up and left and down the next hall, fighting any gingers in the way. You will come across a blocked path. Use Kenny's buddy ability to get the ginger to open the gate. Defeat the gingers and get the bronze key.  

Head back the way you came from and open the faculty room. Here you will find more gingers and a boy with arrows on him. He has the key to Mackey's office, so you have to get to him. Use your bow or dodgeball to knock the ashtray onto the fireworks in the barricade, killing most if not all of the gingers. Approach the boy and fight the gigners if they avoided the fireworks. Switch your buddy to Butter's and use his buddy ability to heal the boy. He will hand over the key.

Head back into the hall and go right to the Counselor's office. Inside, the key is up on the shelf. Use your bow or dodgeball again to knock it down. Collect the key and return to the cafeteria. As you unlock the door, the Ginger Hallway Boss will stop you, saying he's gonna write you up a disciplinary referral and the first boss battle of the game will begin.

Hallway Monitor Boss

He will call two hallway monitors to back him up. Defeat them first, blocking his attacks. Then, shift your focus to him.  Eventually, he will say he is calling your parents. If available, use your dragonshout to stop him. If not, keep attacking him with your heavy attack until he falls.

Loot him and open the door. Craig and the others will run out. Outside, he will ask you your name. Annoyed that you don't answer, he leaves, saying he'll meet you at Kupa Keep.

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