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The Dire Bear is an enemy found only in Canada. They are like regular bears, but dire.


The Dire Bear only has one role in the story in the O Canada quest where three of them killed a Canadian and the New Kid is tasked with slaying it after speaking to the Earl of Winnipeg. Outside of that, they are random encounters on the world map of Canada.

Special Attacks

Canadian Greeting

The Dire Bear farts on the New Kid or his buddy and if it isn't blocked, inflicts Grossed Out as well as heavy damage.

Bear Balls

The Dire Bear throws 4 balls at both the new kid and his buddy. Inflicts Burning if not blocked.

Laser Eyes

The Dire Bear shoots lasers out of its eyes at the New Kid or his buddy, inflicting Ability Down if not blocked.

Bear Cry

The Dire Bear cub calls an adult Dire Bear into battle (Only available to Dire Bear cubs).


  • They are capable of inflicting Dire Aids by using their normal melee attack on the player's character. You can cure Dire Aids at the hospital in Ottawa, but finishing the game with Dire Aids earns you the achievement Outpatient.