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The Earl of Winnipeg is a character from South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is, as his name suggests, the Earl of Winnipeg.


Like most Canadians, he has beady eyes and a flapping head. He is balding, with a black mustache and mutton chops, and wears a blue uniform.


The Prince of Canada tells the New Kid to see the Earl of Winnipeg to see if he can tell where in Canada they speak the language that's printed on the document he's supposed to translate for Wendy and the girls.

When the New Kid sees the Earl, he tells the New Kid that the writing is Canadian, but he can't help him yet because Winnipeg is filled with dire bears. He then tells him that if he kills all the dire bears, he can help him.

When the New Kid is done killing the dire bears, he takes the pelts back to the Earl. The Earl then thanks him and tells him that the one who translate it for him is the Minister of Montreal. After the New Kid leaves to tell the Prince, the Earl looks at the pelts and says, "Boy, oh boy. I will have the most dire robe in all of Canada."

The Earl will then friend the New Kid on Facebook.


  • O Canada - He tells the New Kid about the Minister of Montreal.