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Eric Cartman is the Grand Wizard King and leader of the humans at Kupa Keep. He is one of the six playable party members in South Park: The Stick of Truth, and is the last one to be unlocked.  

For Catman's role in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, see The Coon.  

As for his Role in Phone Destroyer, see Sheriff Cartman, A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000, Zen Cartman, Grand Wizard Cartman, and The Coon (Phone Destroyer).  


Cartman is visibly overweight, being larger than all the other kids.  He wears a red-violet wizard cloak with a blue cape held on by gold buttons.  He has yellow gloves, a turquoise belt with pouch, and a turquoise wizard hat with a yellow stripe at the bottom and a yellow star with a smiley face. He has messy reddish brown hair.

Quests Given


  • The New Kid in Town - Welcomes the player to Kupa Keep, gives the player the name "Douchebag" and teaches him how to fight.
  • Call the Banners - Sends the player to bring his three best warriors, Token, Tweek, and Craig, back to Kupa Keep.
  • The Bard - Leads the quest into the inn, is defeated by elves in the kitchen.
  • Recruit the Goth Kids - Has the player get the goths to defeat the Elves.

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Cartman becomes an available ally after Defeat the Underpants Gnomes is completed. True to a wizard, Cartman is a glass cannon. He has low HP at all levels, if not the lowest HP compared to everyone else, but makes up for it by having the Highest PP of all the buddies and can easily dish out a lot of damage to compensate. Unusually, he has 2 perks instead of one, and they're unlisted. His regular attack has him hit a single opponent with his staff several times, it's weak but good against shields and if you successfully perform it he'll gain 5 PP.

Name Description Effect Type Icon Picture
Surge (Unlisted) Cartman gains 5 PP when he Perfectly attacks an opponent. Perfectly attack an opponent with his regular attack and he'll gain 5 free PP, no strings attached! Perk No icon
Gluttony (Unlisted) When using any potion on him, Cartman uses 2 doses with one potion, doubling its effectiveness. A small potion used by Cartman restores 80% HP, and a large health potion fully heals him. Also works with PP potions, healing between 20-40 PP. Perk No icon
Magic Missile Cartman throws a powerful magic missile at his target. Cartman throws a tampon at an opponent for small Gross damage and Gross Out status effect. Buddy Ability
Magic Missle.jpg
Cartman magic missile.jpg
Flame Strike Sprays the first two foes in a row with fire! Targets start Burning if done perfectly. Cartman sprays two targets in a single row with fire for high damage and Burning status effect if done Perfectly. Ability
Flame Strike.jpg
Cartman flame strike.jpg
Burning Cloud Cartman ignites his flatulence with explosive results. Cartman blasts all enemies with a mighty fart for very high Fire damage. Despite being fiery, it does not inflict the Burning status effect, but it will shred off a bit of armor from armored opponents. Ability
Burning Cloud.jpg
Cartman burning cloud.jpg
Curse Cartman activates his v-chip and curses up a storm of electricity against a single target. Cartman causes very high Shock damage against a single target, piercing all armor and hitting up to 6 times, good against shields as well. Ability
Cartman curse.jpg



  • His move, "Shower of Ice", is the only one that is unusable when he is your Buddy.
  • Three of his abilities include the use of farting (Burning Cloud, Dragonshout, and Cup-a-Spell). This may be a reference to Cartman having a very powerful ass on the show.
  • Cartman is one of the only three Buddies that can't be looted. The others being Kenny and Kyle.
    • Coincidentally, their classes involves royalty.
  • Cartman's "Curse" special attack is a reference to his ability in the movie South Park: The Bigger, Longer, and Uncut where Cartman uses that power to kill Saddam Hussein, along with Satan's help.
  • He is one of two Buddies that doesn't have a Buddy Command. The other one is Kyle.
    • This is likely due to the fact that they are both kings. In fact, trying to give Kyle an order will result in him reminding you that as king, he outranks you.
  • The quests "The Bard" and "Betrayal from Within" are the only times Cartman is seen without his staff at some point.
    • On the other hand, Cartman is the only Buddy to have his signature weapon outside of battle.
  • Cartman is the only Buddy to canonically enter The New Kid's house, as the rest don't interact with the parents or anything inside his house.
  • Among the characters that teaches The New Kid the different farts, Cartman is the only one to give two farts instead of one.
    • On a side note, the first two farts were given on the same day.
    • Cartman is also the youngest one to teach farts as he is in 4th grade.
  • "Attack of the School" is the only quest where Cartman is seen without his wizard hat completely (only if sided with the Elves).

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