The Drow Elves are one of the factions fighting for control of the Stick of Truth.

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Special Attacks Edit

  • Wrath of the Elves - Used by Elven Swordsmen, gains attack up before attacking.
  • Fury of the Elves - Used by Elven Swordsmen during the 'Attack the School' Quest, gains attack up and haste before attacking.
  • Armor Up - Used by Elven Protectors, doubles the armor on the user.
  • Barbed Arrows - Used by Elven Bowmen, the arrows he fires now cause bleeding.
  • Slowing Smash - Used by Elven Protectors, hits target really hard with his hammer inflicting slowed.
  • Wild Power - Used by Elven Priests, gives all standing opponents attack up (has a random chance of hucking a rock at you).
  • Nature Power - Used by the Elven Priests, gives all standing team members attack up and something else (has a random chances of hucking a rock at you).
  • Nature's Blessing - Used by the Elven Priests during the 'Attack the School' quest, heals a team member for full health and cures debuffs.
  • Nature's Rebirth - Used by Elven Priest during the 'Attack the School' quest, revives a team member for full health.
  • Nature's Bounty - Used by Elven Priests, heals one team member.
  • Hoe's Fury - Used by Elven Enforcers, gains attack up before hitting twice with his hoe. This ability is rare.
  • Earthly Smite - Used by Elven Sentinels, hits enemy twice inflicting a stack of defense down each hit. This ability is rare.
  • Cleansing Inferno - Used by Anti-Magician his regular attack now causes burning if not blocked, this is followed by a melee attack.
  • Purifying Rage - Used by Elven Anti-Magician after channeling for one turn, he first removes all debuffs placed on him, then hits you or Butters 6 times while healing for himself the same amount of damage he deals, this attack is an almost certain KO if you don't block all the hits.

Minions Edit

Drow Elves
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