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Final Girl is an additional class in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It can be obtained during the Bring the Crunch DLC.


According to the DLC's description, the Final Girl class gives the player "combat tactics and traps to catch spooky enemies".


  • Fatal Trim -The New Kid throws a pair of gardening shears, inflicting damage, knockback, and applying Bleeding.
    • Range: 3 horizontals enemies tiles in front of player
    • Attribute: Brawn
    • Damage: Moderate (133%)
    • Status Effect: Knockback + Bleeding
  • Saw Bleed - The New Kid lays three saw traps that inflicts Hemorrhaging whenever an enemy starts their turn on it, walks into it or gets knocked over or into it. The trap lasts 3 rounds.
    • Range: 3 verticals tile distance surrounding the player
    • Attribute: Brains
    • Damage: None (0%)
    • Status Effect: Hemorrhaging
  • Hammer Bomb - The New Kid can target a foe, then move once more. Then they can choose which direction (out of four) the enemy will be knocked on impact. The New Kid will then throw a sledgehammer with a bomb attached at the enemy.
    • Range: Single enemy tile in each direction around the player
      • Detonate - Pick knockback direction, activate bomb.
        • Range: Choose 4 directions for the knockback effect.
        • Attribute: Spunk
        • Damage: Moderate (180%)
        • Status Effect: 2-tile knockback
  • Final Vengeance - Ultimate - Personally execute low-health foes. ("Low health" meaning; non-boss foes with half health or less, and boss foes with 1/3 health or less.)
    • Range: All low-health enemies (including bosses) surrounded around player within 5 vertical tiles in 5 tiles wide square (make it 25 tiles surround around player in square shape).
    • Attribute: ???
    • Damage: Extremely high (Beyond measurement)
    • Status Effect: Instant Death
  • Hemorrhaging is a short-lived status effect that stacks, similar to Bleeding from The Stick of Truth.
  • The damage inflicted by the Hemorrhaging status is affected by Status Effect Damage, shown in the Artifacts app.
  • Final Vengeance can kill any boss with 1/3 health or less (equivalent to 3333/9999.)


  • The "Final Girl" is a common character archetype in horror films, a resourceful and often wholesome girl who manages to survive the murders, and occasionally manages to defeat, even to destroy the murderer in the end.
    • And then dies violently in the sequel, according to the female camp counselor.
  • The Hammer bomb resembles a Combo Weapon from the Game Series "Dead Rising", the "Pummel Blast".
  • Any character with the Hemorrhaging status reacts with lines they would say if they had the Bleeding status instead.