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From Dusk till Casa Bonita is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, the content is included in the DLC "From Dusk till Casa Bonita", which needs to be purchased before the mission is available.


Vampires has taken Mysterion's (Kenny McCormick) sister Karen into custody by dragging her to Casa Bonita. He requests The New Kid to assist in rescuing his sister and getting her back into her senses.


Reaching Casa Bonita

Any time in the game after the mission Coonstagram, Mysterion (Kenny) would give you a call before sending a Coonstagram post. Requesting help from the New Kid to save his sister Karen from Vampires.

It is recommended to at least complete Medicinal Fried Fiasco first before starting the mission, as you need a few abilities acquired from the main storyline to solve the puzzles found in this mission.

Get to the DLC Bus Stop, then select "From Dusk till Casa Bonita". A bus will conveniently appear and take the New Kid away.

The bus will stop at the outer layer of the great La Casa Bonita, a notice will appear to note that costumes, recipes, epic artifacts, DNA got from the DLC will be available for all saved files. Then you will be stripped away from all your current combat buddies, who are not available in here.

Before heading down the path to the eatery, proceed to punch the mail boxes by the very left for some scrap items, afterwards make your way through down the path. Upon reaching the restaurant's front yard, you will then hear and see a family walking away from the restaurant, gladly commenting the excellence of it. Keep moving leftwards; you will then see Mysterion on the roof of the building calling you out; keep going past the fountain, and he will jump down to greet you.

A cut scene will ensue, whereby Mysterion informs the New Kid that his sister Karen is kidnapped by Vampires, and that he needs to rescue her from their grasp. With no expression on the New Kid's face as usual, Mysterion take it as a yes, and decides to train the New Kid for their abilities to fight the enemies. Conveniently, a car stops by and down comes three Vampire kids, and Mysterion decides to let the New Kid take on them.

Battle: The first Vampires

The battle is quite tough if your difficulty is high, Vampires have a medic and two swarmers on their side. The swarmers have astonishingly powerful attacks, greater than anyone else. You, however, have Mysterion’s assistance outside the battle, he will channel his powers to bring you all new abilities: the power of the Netherborn.

You will be forced to use your second ability, Ghastly Grasp for the first turn, later, Mysterion will ask you to try out the first and third ability, you can do otherwise of course.

If you die in the combat, Mysterion will immediately revive you and provide a healing boost, allowing you to keep fighting.

It is best to focus on the Medic, as the others can be easily healed by him, eventually, defeat all the Vampires.

After you defeat them, Mysterion will consider you to be ready, and ask you to go in with him. He will also be set as a fixed combat buddy for this mission.

The Netherborn class and its correspondening Heckraiser Costume set will now be available for all saved files; if you haven't unlock all classes yet, talk to the Coon in the Coon Lair to acquire them.

Before heading inside, head to the very far left to loot a bag containing the Vamp Bangs costume item.

Once inside Casa Bonita, Mysterion will scout for Karen, and you would have to figure out a way in. Make your way in, and you will see Mysterion perching atop on one of the benches. Loot the pouch next to it, then approach him to initiate a cut scene, where Mysterion will look around and comment that the people at dinner doesn’t realize the coming of vampires, he then sees vampires on the left. Mike Makowski, the Vampire Kids leader is informing his fellow vampires in a dark fashion's his birthday. Mysterion will later notice his sister has dressed up as one of them, prompting him to comment that he must save her before she is really transformed into one of them.

Try to cross the door, and you will be stopped by the host. A cut scene will then ensue, whereby the host informs that the New Kid would have to purchase a meal ticket to go in for $17, at the same time a boy passing by in the back will cry out that it is "fucking awesome". Mysterion comes up and tells the New Kid that he doesn't have that the money to do so, and they would need to try and find another way in.

There are three ways to get the meal ticket:

The first way is by line-cutting: simply purchase them at the counter, however, in regards to Mysterion's obvious poverty, you would have to pay for him, which would amount to $34 for 2 tickets, and that can be rather costly.

The second way is by minor robbery: knock the ticket off from the host's hands with Snap N Pops, and use Timefart Pause to collect the ticket before he picks it up again. It should be noted that the ticket can't be acquired without the required Timefart ability.

The third way is by petty theft: open the door on the very left, break the box lying before the ladder and drag the ladder as a way to reach the counter with an open flaming stove; use Timefart Pause to get across the flaming stove and steal the tickets from the cashier. Along the way, you can first drag the ladder to the broken drinks dispenser; collecting Ice from it (you need to break it open first with Snap N Pops or by just punching it); this will be needed for a selfie with one of the restaurant's patrons. Similar to the second method, the ticket can't be acquired without the required Timefart ability.

Regardless of how you get in, now you can access the inner section of the restaurant, come and experience the magic of Casa Bonita!

Before heading in though, you're now free to take a selfie with the Casa Bonita host.

Saving Karen

Once inside, Mysterion will make his way to the left (if you didn't interact with Mysterion in the lobby, the scripted cut scene will play first before he makes his way); you will then later notice The Coon (Cartman) calling you out, he can be seen behind the "JAIL" cutout of the photo stand. Approach him to initiate a cut scene, where he'll explain that he's inside Casa Bonita to investigate an infestation of Vampires, however he was thrown into the 'jail' by one of the Vampires. He then says would like to have a commemorative picture taken first; this leads to a brief argument between him and Mysterion.

The Coon will then request you to take a picture with him. Drag the camera towards the 'X' spot in front of him, then interact with it to take a photo with him. Once the photo is taken, he'll then break out of the 'jail'; he will be unlocked as a fixed combat buddy for this mission.

By the left of the photo stand, you will see a sombrero hanging on the wall. Throw a Snap N Pop to it, then pick it up from the floor to obtain the Mariachi Sombrero. Next, make your way up the stairs and keep heading rightwards; loot from the pouch at the very end to obtain the Rosie Updo and Rosie Face costume items.

Make your way down, you can proceed to interact with the Broflovski family, seen having their meals, Human Kite, in his alter-ego Kyle Broflovski will interact with you first, Human Kite from an Alternate Universe will also follow suit. You can proceed to take selfies with them again (even if you were to already take selfies with them in the main storyline), the selfies will be considered as new postings inside Coonstagram sans Sheila Broflovski. You can also loot a bag under the table next to them on the right.

Proceed to the left, along the way loot the pouch under the table being cleaned by a restaurant worker. Before heading to the space in front of the Vampires, head further left to see The Coon having some food. In front of him there will be a greenish burrito, interact with it to eat it. The Coon will mention that the burrito is spiked with hot sauce, nevertheless the New Kid will still proceed to eat it; this will result in a massive digestive reaction to the New Kid, with the Coon advising the New Kid to head to the bathroom fast. A timer will then play down above the New Kid; quickly head rightwards to the bathrooms, you can head to either the men's or women's one depending on your preference.

As soon as you enter your chosen bathroom, proceed to use any of the toilets; this will initiate the toilet mini-game, but with a different twist. Press the corresponding buttons just like the regular toilet mini-game, once successful, the image "Deuce Rider" will be displayed. Upon getting off the toilet, the Shart Fiesta item will be given, this will be a key component for creating an exclusive Artifact. If you did not use any of the toilets before the timer runs down, the New Kid will blast everything out, creating a large puddle of 'waste' on the floor and getting knocked out; this will cause the mission to fail.

If you were to enter the men's bathroom, after dumping your 'waste', loot the wallet under the sinks for some cash, then break open the dustbin and toilet paper dispenser for some junk items; you can then make your way out afterwards.

If you were to enter the women's bathroom, after dumping your 'waste', open the the rightmost cubicle and loot a misplaced wallet for some cash, there will be a bag on the left that can also be looted for some cash; proceed to break open the hand dryer and dustbin by the left and the diaper changing platform on the right for some junk items; you can then make your way out afterwards.

After leaving the bathroom, head downwards and loot the bag underneath the table to obtain a Maximum Revive Serum. Note that the arcade and Black Bart's Cave cannot be accessed, so make your way back to the space where the Vampires are, also take note that the entrance to the left dining area will be blocked. Mr. Adams will then call out that the last of the Vampire Kids are present; a cut scene will then play, where Mr. Adams will make out some jokes, which doesn't go well with Mike Makowski though. Mysterion will then make his presence, which alerts the Vampires; Karen will then call out to him, referring him as his 'guardian angel'. Mike will say that they're just trying to be friends with Karen, which prompts Mysterion that he'll beat the crap out of them; this will trigger another battle with the Vampires.

Battle: Gatecrashing the party

At the start of the battle, Mike will take Karen with him and heads inside the door next to the waterfall; the Vampires will then advance towards you. Take out the nearby Vampire Swarmers first, as they have rather low health, then take on the remaining Vampires. Once a single Vampire remains standing, a cut scene will play, where they will mention that why a Vamp Kid isn't joining the fight, who actually turns out to be Henrietta, a part of the Goth Kids seen eating with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Biggle. She will then come off and tells that she isn't a Vampire Kid, with Mysterion asking what's the difference. She will then state that the difference from them is that she's smoking a cigarette. Mysterion will then tell her to join forces, stating that they have a common enemy; she will then reluctantly join in the battle.

After Henrietta joins in your side, the remaining Vampires will join in the battle, proceed to take them all down.

Once the battle is complete, Mysterion will notice that the New Kid has found a Vampire Relic (a medallion). He, together with the New Kid and Henrietta make their way to the door, where it is locked. Mr. Adams will then show up, stating that they have now joined a scavenger hunt. He will then explain that they need to find another 3 more Vampire Relics to open the door. Mysterion will then proceed to make his way off, alongside Henrietta in search of the relics.

Henrietta will then be unlocked as a fixed combat buddy for this mission.

The Arcade and The Gorilla

After the battle, you will notice that the entrances to the arcade and the left dining area will be unblocked. Despite having not much difference which comes first, it's better heading to the left dining area first as it'll be the nearest. Before heading there, loot the bag containing a Vampiric Elixir and a briefcase next to the party table.

Upon entering the left dining area, you will notice a bunch of Vampires observing Chiquita the Gorilla making some sopaipillas. Before taking them on, break the nearby flower pots, then break signboard by the right side and head to the bag to collect some crafting components as well as the present box behind to obtain the Braids of Dread and Shmo Hawk costume items. Make your way right to the side room of the stage where the Mariachi band is playing to obtain the Mariachi Mustache costume item.

You will notice that there is a propane tank next to the sopaipilla counter and a pinata hanging from a beam above the Vampires. To bring down the beam with the pinata, activate Timefart Pause, then throw Snap N Pops on both ends of the beam. The beam will then fall on one of the Vampires, draining some health and stunning the vampire below it in the process. Next, head to the propane tank and activate Timefart Pause once more. Drag the propane tank next to the Vampires, then light it up by throwing a Snap N Pops and a fart to it. The propane tank will then explode, causing damage and burning some of the vampires. You will be given the upper hand to take them on, punch them to initiate the battle.

Battle: Vampires...and a Gorilla

In this battle, Chiquita the Gorilla will join in, telling you to lay off disturbing the Vampire Kids. You will only need to defeat him to be victorious for this battle. He will only have a single attack, a telegraphed slam attack covering three columns (which would be half of the battlefield grid), inflicting high damage. Avoid getting hit by his attack by moving out of the telegraphed zone; make use of Mysterion's Dread Rush and the Coon's Coon Lunge to move out of the way. Proceed to bring down the Vampires accompanying him, at this point their health will already been drained from your earlier actions.

After Chiquita has launched his attack, he will head to the next pillar, pausing for a turn. Use this to your advantage by attacking him with the Coon's Coon Claws, Mysterion's Dark Whisper or Henrietta's Cigarette Burn, applying status effects on Chiquita for further damage. As he prepares his telegraphed attack again, more Vampires will be summoned (all in the form of Vampire Swarmers), take them down as they can be rather deadly.

Chiquita's attack process will remain the same throughout the entire battle, repeat the same strategy until he is finally brought down.

Once Chiquita is defeated, you will obtain another Vampire Relic (a pair of arm socks). Before leaving the area, loot the presents next to the sopaipilla counter, also smash the nearby flower pots and loot the bags from the top and bottom left corners of the area for some more junk items. You will also notice Chiquita the Gorilla catching his breath next to the salsa bar. Provide the Ice that you've collected earlier from the broken drinks dispenser at the restaurant's lobby to him, and he'll agree to have a selfie with you. You can also have selfies with the four members of the Mariachi band on the stage, but you will need to have the whole Mariachi Costume set in your inventory to take selfies with all of them at once. So if you haven't acquired them already, it's recommended to skip taking selfies with them for the time being, since it can be tedious to repeatedly come back to the location to have the selfies.

For the arcade, make your way to the place by the right side of the restaurant's main dining area, note that the entrance to Black Bart Cave still remains blocked. Once entering the arcade, you will notice another bunch of Vampires playing games, with Mysterion notifying you that they're being distracted. You will notice that there's a signboard above two of the vampires that can be brought down; do so by activating Timefart Pause and throwing Snap N Pops on both ends of the signboard; also throw farts on the other vampires for good measure. The signboard will then fall on the two vampires below it, stunning them while they will be also be grossed out by your farts; you can now punch them to take them on for battle.

Battle: Vampires in the arcade

For this case, the battlefield grid will be blocked by some of the arcade game machines, so it's best that you let the vampires advance to your position; you can make use of Mysterion's Dark Whisper to hasten the process. Be wary of their attacks though, as they can inflict them from a considerable range and do rather high damage. Counter them by making use of Henrietta's Baleful Blessing on herself or on the other party members (make sure they're within distance of the vampires), the ability will inflict Lifesteal on the vampires draining their health and recovering your own in the process, also make use of your Dire Shroud ability for further protection and life recovery.

Once the vampires have been defeated, a cut scene will play, with Mysterion asking where is the Vampire relic; in response the vampire mentions that it is behind the arcade ticket counter and that they'll never get it.

You will then be placed back in the field of play, with Mysterion requesting you to play the available games in the arcade to obtain the relic. Head to the arcade ticket counter and you can see that the relic (a goblet) needs to be purchased with 10 arcade tickets. With that, make your way to the right side of the arcade; there will be three arcade games that you can play to obtain arcade tickets: the skee-ball game, the El Chupacabra shooting game, and the Fish Quest arcade game (which is a 16-bit version of the jumping mini-game from the side mission Touch the Sky). Before playing them though, loot the bag on the dance game machine to obtain 1 arcade ticket, and the bag by the right of the El Chupacabra shooting game to obtain another 1 arcade ticket.

Play any game you like until the amount of 10 arcade tickets is reached, then exchange them at the arcade counter for the relic. Mr. Adams will then call you up, stating that there's only 1 more relic left to obtain to complete the scavenger hunt. Before leaving the arcade though, you can have selfies with some of the patrons inside, one of them wants a Sombrero Teddy (which can be exchanged for 5 arcade tickets at the counter) and another of them wants his tickets from a faulty skee-ball machine. Also, break the steering wheel off the racing game machine by the left area and collect it, then you may proceed to leave the arcade afterwards.

You will also notice that there are some exclusive Artifacts that can be acquired with arcade tickets, it is up to you if you want to keep playing some more of the arcade games to obtain enough arcade tickets to be exchanged at the counter for them.

Black Bart's Cave

After obtaining the relics from the left dining area and the arcade, the entrance to Black Bart's Cave is now open. Proceed inside, where Mysterion will inform you that the last relic is inside.

You will see that there's a line of kids waiting to take pictures with Black Bart. If you try cutting the line, one of the kids will push you back. To get past them, you will need to take the alternate way by crossing the cliff path above the line. First, destroy the box blocking the steps by bringing down the lantern onto the box with Snap N Pops, then throw a fart on it. Once making your way up, break the first plank on the left with Snap N Pops, then climb on it and enter the cave to loot the chest containing 15 arcade tickets and a Vampiric Elixir. Next, break the other plank by the right to cross over to the other end, the lantern hanging by it will drop in the process, creating a small fire next to a barrel of TNT. There will be a rock obstacle blocking the ladder to climb down the floor; you will need to destroy it with the TNT. Push the TNT box to the fire to light it up (you will get burned for a while, but no need to worry, this won't result in death), then activate Timefart Pause to drag the barrel next to the rock, while at the same time release a fart onto it. The barrel will then explode, clearing the rock blocking the ladder.

You can now make your way down past the line and have a selfie with Black Bart first, also you can loot the bag next to the family having their meal inside. Once down on the floor, interact with the lever to bring down the ladder to the bottom floor. At the bottom floor, there will be some valuables that you can collect from. You will also notice the wooden scaffolding can be broken open into. To do so, first make your way to the bottom floor by going past the line of kids and heading down the slope, or by climbing down the ladder that you've just brought down, then making your way to the left and throwing a Snap N Pop onto the yellow crack, which causes you to fall on the floor below. Next drag the cart with TNT inside it to the part of the scaffolding with red cracks on it, then light it up by throwing Snap N Pops and a fart on it, which causes the cart to explode and break the scaffolding. Proceed to collect the skull behind it to obtain the Skeleton Face costume item.

To make your way further at the bottom floor, activate Timefart Glitch to bring back the cart in its original state, then drag it to the rocks blocking the cave and blowing it up. Make your way right, where you'll see piles of treasure waiting to be collected, however you can't make your way up just yet. To do so, you'll need to activate Timefart Glitch again to bring the cart back to its original state, once done drag the cart to the very end. You can now make your way up by climbing up on the cart, then head to the piles of treasure to collect all of them; the pile at the very far right contains the Chin Spikes costume item.

You will also notice that on the upper floor there will be a cave containing a chest, but it is blocked by rocks. To access it, activate Timefart Pause, then drag the TNT barrel past the small fire. Once the barrel is pushed past the fire, drag it all the way to the rocks, then light it up by throwing Snap N Pops and a fart on it. The TNT barrel will then explode, clearing the entrance to the cave. Open the chest inside it to obtain the Tome of Teleportation and Minstrel of Ruin (which makes use of the Shart Fiesta if you were to obtained it earlier from the unique toilet mini-game after eating the spiked burrito on where the Coon's having his meal) recipes.

After collecting all the treasures available inside Black Bart's Cave, make your way to the right leading to Black Bart's Hideout; push the cart blocking the way to the very end, then activate Timefart Glitch to place it back to its original position. Punch the wooden beam blocking the path, then continue your way into the hideout.

Once you've entered the hideout, you will notice that there is a huge pile of treasure located inside it, however they cannot be collected yet, at the same time you will hear hissing noises being made. A cut scene will then play, with the Vampires showing up to defend their treasure. Mysterion will then show up to ask where the last relic is, it is then revealed that the relic (a glass tube of red liquid) is being held by the Black Vampire, you will need to take them on to obtain the relic.

Battle: Vampires in the treasure cave

In this battle, the Black Vampire will join in the fight with the regular Vampires, he can be quite a tough one to beat as he has rather high health and punishing attacks. Take down the Vampire Medics first by making use of Mysterion and The Coon to inflict as much damage as possible, while using Henrietta's buffing abilities to back them up. As for the New Kid, it's best to equip abilities with Area of Effect attacks, as the number of vampires in this battles outmatches your party. Ghastly Grasp will be one of your most useful attacks here, thanks to its ability to inflict chain damage on any adjacent enemies, also make use of your Timefart Summon ability to gain an extra hand.

Once all vampires is defeated, a brief cut scene will play, showing that the last Vampire relic has been successfully obtained from the knocked out Black Vampire. Proceed to loot all available treasures inside the cave, with the treasure chest containing the Skull of Sick Burning artifact. Once all treasure available has been looted, make your way out of the cave by the wooden door on the very right.

VIP Birthday Party

At this point all four required Vampire relics is obtained, now make your way to the door where Mike Makowski brought Karen inside. Interact with the door, where a cut scene will then play, showing Mr. Adams congratulating the New Kid in successfully completing the scavenger hunt. Mr. Adams then proceed to take the door's key out of his pocket, opening it. The New Kid and Mysterion proceeds to enter the room, where he immediately spots Karen being surrounded by Mike and other Vampires. As Mysterion tries to convince Karen that Vampires are lame, Mike then proclaims that they have spotted their 'holy blood fountain' (technically a fountain filled with clamato juice) and proceeds to engage them in combat.

Battle: Mike Makowski...per se

This battle can be quite enduring, as the clamato juice fountain will constantly provide health regeneration and an attack boost to the vampires, as long as they are in the fountain's telegraphed area. The best way to counter this is by letting the vampires advance away from the fountain's range, thus making them not receiving the fountain's effects. Mysterion's Dark Whisper is an effective method of luring the vampires away from the fountain's range.

As for Mike Makowski, it is best to leave him for last, as he starts from the area of the battlefield far away from your party, he will be constantly boosted by the fountain as the fight progresses, this will make his attack rather deadly if you were to approach him first. Take down all the regular vampires advancing to your position first, so as to make fighting Mike easier.

Once Mike and the vampires is all defeated, a cut scene will play, where Mike will cry out that it is not fair that his birthday party is being ruined by the New Kid. Mysterion then calls out Karen to come with him back, however she refuses and proceeds to take Mike with her and run to the back door, causing Mysterion to give chase.

Before heading to the door, there will be numerous items that can be looted from the room. First, make your way to the left section of the room, then loot the present boxes next to the coffin. Throw Snap N Pops onto the bat-shaped pinata to break it, once its contents spilled onto the floor collect it to obtain the Goblet of Po'Zur artifact and Smokey Eyes costume item. Next, make your way to the right section of the room, collecting some junk items in the cauldron of green liquid along the way. Open the bag next to the door to obtain 3 arcade tickets, then open the white present box at the bottom right corner to obtain the Dreadnaut and Undercut costume items. After collecting all available items inside the room, you may proceed through the door.

It is revealed that the door leads to the backstage area of the man-made waterfall. Some Vampires will then emerge out of the corners, asking the New Kid to be gone. Make your way left, breaking the vases blocking your way. Keep heading left, you will then reach an area where some items can be collected. You will also notice a ladder attached with a chain on it, you can bring it down by throwing Snap N Pops on it, however the ladder will then activate the lever below it, which causes the pipe to release harmful gas that blocks the way above.

Next, make your way back to the part where you broke the vases down earlier on; activate Timefart Glitch to put it back into its original state. Scan the pinwheel by the top left of it, then head to the buddy hologram to initiate your Fartkour buddy power, only this time you're being assisted by Human Kite from an Alternate Universe instead of the usual Human Kite.

Once you've made your way to the upper platform with Fartkour, throw Snap N Pops onto the cable of the broken elevator to bring it down, then scan the pinwheel above to display another buddy hologram. Make your way to it to initiate Fartkour again.

Once you've arrived on the second upper platform with Fartkour, activate Timefart Glitch to bring the broken elevator back to its original position, then scan the pinwheel above to display another buddy hologram. Before leaving, loot the black chest and the yellow chest further down right to obtain the Skeleton Hood, Skeleton Suit and Skeleton Gloves costume items.

Continue making your way up via Fartkour. Eventually, you'll reach to the top platform, where you will witness Mike and Karen making their way out of the place via the top exit, while Human Kite from an Alternate Universe will proceed to leave. First, open the lockers by your left and the fridge at the far end to obtain a Macaroni crafting component. Make your way down afterwards via the ladder next to the fridge.

Once you've headed down, you will see by your left that there is part of the platform with red cracks, and the opening for the ladder is blocked by a crate with red cracks. First, destroy the crate blocking the ladder's opening by dragging the oil drum next to it, and blowing it up by throwing Snap N Pops and a fart to the oil drum. You can now make your way down the ladder and interact with the valve below that shuts off the harmful gas in the red pipe. Make your way back up again, then activate Timefart Glitch to put the oil drum back into its original state.

Next, drag the oil barrel to the very right, past the leaking pipe to where the red cracks are, then blow it up to bring part of it down. You can now make your way down and collect items at the level below, with the chest containing the Mariachi Suit costume item and the pink bag by the right containing the Raggedy Bangs and Wild Pony costume items.

Make your way back up again to where you initially landed with Fartkour. By the right side you will notice a beam supported with construction tape. Activate Timefart Pause, then throw Snap N Pops on both ends of the beam. This will result in the beam falling flat below, where you can cross to the other end, collecting the Resonator of Souls artifact from a guitar case along the way. Once you've made your way to the other end, activate Timefart Glitch to put the beam back in its original position. Climb up the ladder to the platform above, then drag the trolley to the very right. After that, throw Snap N Pops onto the right side of the beam, which allows you to cross to the upper level on the left side. Once making your way up, collect some items from the red tool chest, then proceed up towards the stairs leading to the top exit. Before heading to the exit, feel free to stock up some inventory items on the vending machine next to it.

The Master Vampire

Upon heading to the exit, a cut scene will play, showing Mysterion appearing at the top area of the man-made waterfall, trying to convince Karen that Vampires are lame, though Karen still defends them, with Mike stating what is the problem as they're only trying to make friends with Karen. As Mysterion prepares himself to confront Mike once again, Mr. Adams then suddenly emerges from behind, revealing himself as Master Vampire Adams while cracking some jokes at the same time, though this doesn't cheer up Mike or Karen in any way. As Mysterion exclaims that Vampire-themed parties are not cool, Mr. Adams then denies this and proceeds to engage in combat.

Battle: Master Vampire Adams

This battle can be rather lengthy, as Master Vampire Adams' attacks is all telegraphed that covers areas in front of him, making him difficult to reach at times. However, the area affected by his telegraphed attacks changes each time after he attacks, where he can leave an unaffected space for any of your party members to come up close to inflict direct damage.

His first telegraphed attack will be blowing frosted tips onto affected telegraphed areas, causing the Chilled status effect if affected. Each time he completes his attack, more Vampires (Swarmers) will come in to back him up. Take down as many Vampire Swarmers as possible, as their attack can be rather damaging.

Once Master Vampire Adams' health reaches half-level, his telegraphed attack will be changed into a aerosol can torch, causing the Burning status effect if affected. This time round, the telegraphed attack area is more of a set corner-like shape, as he'll blow his torch in a diagonal motion.

More Vampires will still come to back him up, this time around the Vampires will consist of one Vampire Griefer and two Vampire Swarmers.

Anytime where there's an empty space near Master Vampire Adams, use the Coon's Coon Claws to inflict Bleeding damage onto him, also make use of Henrietta's Cigarette Burn to inflict the Burning status onto him. Also, whenever possible make use of Mysterion's Dark Whisper and the Dire Shroud ability to lower his defense, making him receive more damage from your attacks.

Once Master Vampire Adams is defeated, you will receive the Inhuman Mullet costume item as a reward.

A Star of the 80s

Upon Master Vampire Adams' defeat to the New Kid, a cut scene will play, where he will still insist that the Vampire kids are having fun at the party, even though Mysterion will argue with him that no one is. Master Vampire Adams will then ask Karen if she's having fun, in response Karen will say that she was in the beginning, but she doesn't now due to everyone being so mean. Mysterion then exclaims that he is right all along, but Master Vampire Adams had one last trick up his sleeve: summoning a portal to bring a celebrity guest to the party, ostensibly Corey Haim, but it was revealed to be none other than a famed 80's popstar. As he appears from the portal, this makes Master Vampire Adams exclaim that he isn't Corey Haim of the Lost Boys fame, however Corey understood otherwise, thinking that they're here to look for boys that are literally lost, he then proceeds to grab Karen's hand and jump off the waterfall with her.

You will then be placed back into the field of play, as Henrietta will proclaim that Corey Haim just totally kidnapped Mysterion's sister. You will have to jump off the waterfall to proceed, but before doing so, proceed to loot the chests and bag on the left, center and right of the platform. Once done, you can make your way down the waterfall.

After jumping off the waterfall, the Coon will then comment that the New Kid actually did it, even though it was a crazy idea. He will then proclaim that the New Kid is in the "Water Level" right now.

The Water Level which the Coon mentions will turn out to be a mini-game where you will need to swim across an underwater path, avoiding dangerous underwater creatures along the way.

The movement is practically controlled by going left or right and farting, farting will raise the New Kid's height and gives a boost to go forward faster.

Monsters that can be seen in the mini-game:

  • Piranha: Moves at a constant speed from right to left, they are quite easy to dodge.
  • Sea urchin: Moves at a certain pattern in a certain range, they usually serve as blockages for the slits.
  • Squid: The most unique menace, similar to the New Kid, it can swim in a normal speed in a certain direction or simply rush to a side with the help of a push that goes upwards. You can avoid its harm by luring it to a high place, and then go low to escape.

Once a monster damages the New Kid, it will conveniently get out of sight to never harm the child again.

Make your way through the mini-game, collecting all available coins wherever possible. You will need to collect all ten of the coins from the mini-game to have a selfie with one of the patrons inside Casa Bonita. If you fail to collect them all at once, don't worry, you can always come back later.

Once you've successfully cleared the mini-game, the New Kid will then be shown climbing out from the wishing well at the main dining area of Casa Bonita, with Mysterion, Henrietta and the Coon appearing from the left. Mysterion then spots Corey Haim on the run, the kids quickly catch up with him. Corey Haim is seen extremely annoyed by the kids in his way, complaining them being "ignorant".

The birthday boy Mike then calls Corey Haim by his side for the final showdown, prepare to embrace the power of pop music!

Battle: Corey Haim: Thrilling Fight

In this battle, Corey Haim will be supported by a Vampire Medic, a Vampire Blocker and three Vampire Swarmers. It's best to take down the Vampire Swarmers first, as they have rather low health. After bringing down the Swarmers, take down the Medic to prevent the Swarmers from being revived back to battle. Whenever possible, make use of the Coon's Coon Claws and Henrietta's Cigarette Burn on Corey Haim for status effects damage. Try not to cluster your allies together, as Corey Haim has rather damaging Area of Effect attacks (his Moonwalk and EO Blast) and is able to take two turns.

Once Corey Haim's health has been brought down to less than half of his health bar, he will proceed to possess Karen, using her as an extension of his Thrilling Touch ability, which revives fallen Vampire Swarmers; however he won't have the ability to attack from this point on. Two Vampire Blockers, a Vampire Medic and a Vampire Griefer will join the battle to back up Corey in this case. Similarly, make use of the Coon's Coon Claws and Henrietta's Cigarette Burn on Corey Haim for status effects damage whenever possible. As for the other Vampires, make use of the Ghastly Grasp ability to inflict chain damage, as a last resort you can use Mysterion's Ultimate ability Cruel Fate if they were to ever affect you too much.

Upon defeating Corey Haim, you will be rewarded with the Flask of Vampire Tears inventory item and the Touch of Youth DNA slot.

After the battle, a cut scene will play, showing Corey Haim being sucked back to the portal Master Vampire Adams conjured earlier. Mysterion then approaches Karen, asking her if she's free from the Vampire's spell, in which Karen replies that she does feel free after being possessed by Corey Haim, and also proclaiming that Vampires are lame. This prompts Mike Makowski to mention that Karen has become mortal again, leaving the place with the Vampire Swarmers to watch the puppet show.

Mysterion will then ask what took Karen so long to realize that Vampires aren't cool to hang out with, in return Karen mentions that he hasn't seen her brother Kenny in a very long time, which prompts Mysterion that he'll promise to "make Kenny be with her more often". Henrietta then approaches to Karen, who comments that if she were to become Goth, she wouldn't even bother making friends. Karen will reply on what does it take to become Goth, in which Henrietta proceeds to hand her cigarette stick to Karen. Master Vampire Adams then approaches to provide gift bags to the New Kid, Mysterion and Karen, who decides to decline it as she then claims that gift bags are lame; in response Mysterion mentions that he's glad Karen is not a part of the Vampires anymore.

You will then be placed outside of Casa Bonita, the whole mission will be considered complete.

Feel free to take a selfie with Karen, then you can head back inside to take selfies with Mike Makowski, Master Vampire Adams, the boy standing next to the wishing well (if all coins were to be already collected from the "Water Level" prior), and also the Mariachi band. You may also head back into the arcade to obtain all of the exclusive Artifacts available for exchange at the arcade's counter by replaying the arcade games available in there; also you can make your way back to the top and dive down the waterfall again to initiate its corresponding mini-game to collect any coins missed.


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