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The Gadgeteer is a class in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It uses a 'shockingly explosive toy collection, courtesy of the SkyMaul catalog'.

Toolshed and Call Girl are classified as Gadgeteers in-game.


The Gadgeteer's abilities are rather quirky compared to some of the more straightforward attacks from the other classes. Both the Boom-Boom Buddy and the Straight Shooter provide targets for the enemy to target rather than the player itself. This is intentional for the Boom-Boom Buddy, who explodes when attacked. As such, the true strength of the Gadgeeter is that, in addition to doing damage, it denies the enemy a turn for damage since they are attacking a useless duplicate.

The turret does a fair amount of damage and hits in a column, so it is very useful when paired with a tough hero to stand in front of it, like Captain Diabetes or Super Craig

The Gigavolt Globe will shock a wide variety of targets, and the Ultimate is a straightforward damaging attack and can hit many opponents. In all, the Gadgeeter is best placed at range.


All statistics below are under Heroic difficulty, for other difficulties, still blank.

The percentage in "Damage" is the correspondent percentage of the Attribute.

  • Boom-Boom Buddy - Summon an explosive robot
    • Range: Double tile squares around the player
    • Attribute: Brains
    • Damage: Moderate (200%)
    • Status Effect: Summons a robot (can be destroyed by foe in next turn)
  • Straight Shooter - Place a turret that fires for 3 turns
    • Range: Single tile square around the player
    • Attribute: Brains
    • Damage: Moderate (200%)
    • Status Effect: Summons a turret
    • Other: The turret fires at all enemies three tiles on the left and right.
  • Gigavolt Globe - Damages and shocks enemies
    • Range: Single tile forward, then three tiles wide
    • Attribute: Brains
    • Damage: Low (120%)
    • Status Effect: Shock
  • Airborne Annihilator - Ultimate - Call in a drone to fire at enemies
    • Range: A nine tile square in front of the player, whose center can be chosen at will.
    • Attribute: Brains
    • Damage: High (500%)
    • Status Effect: None


  • The Gadgeteer's default costume and artwork during class selection are primarily inspired by the Marvel Comics character Iron Man, as for the Gadgeteer's abilities they are primarily inspired by the DC Comics character Batman.
  • The Gadgeteer class is the only class so far which has abilities that utilizes only one attribute, i.e. Brains.