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The Giant Nazi Zombie Fetus is a boss in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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This article/section contains plot details about the game. Do not read ahead if you don't want it spoiled!


The Giant Nazi Zombie Fetus is a boss fought in the Unplanned Parenthood abortion clinic. It was an aborted fetus of Khloe Kardashian that was exposed to the green goo. It can cause a lot of damage if players aren't careful, and it's advised to use the Doctor's outfit obtained earlier in the section against this boss, due to it's bonuses.


The Giant Nazi Zombie Fetus is a giant, grey fetus with a Nazi armband on its left arm. It has a giant umbilical cord that aids it in battle.



This boss can cause large amounts of damage if caution isn't taken. The umbilical cord must be killed first, because it's attack will fully heal the fetus while causing large amounts of damage to you. When the umbilical cord is alive, the fetus will only use a ground pound attack, which can be difficult to block and causes high damage. After the umbilical cord is dead, the fetus will begin to use other attacks, usually involving it's vomit. The attacks are as follows.

  • Melee attack (Fetus) - Used at any time. The fetus slams the ground with its fist, hitting both you and your ally for a large amount of damage. The timing for blocking the attack is about half of a second, so be prepared.
  • Melee attack (Umbilical cord) - The umbilical cord crawls off the right side of the screen and appears behind the target, in which it'll lunge at them after a couple seconds. This attack fully heals the fetus and partially heals the umbilical cord. This attack can cause large amounts of damage if not blocked.
  • Projectile vomit - The fetus flings vomit at one target 3x, with each causing medium damage and the Grossed Out status if not blocked.
  • Vomit Blast - The fetus vomits on both the New Kid and his ally, causing high damage and the Grossed Out status effect if not blocked.



  • After it is defeated, the player can hit it with their weapon, causing it's head to crack open, and green goo will come out. In that case, their ally will note how controversial it is.
  • Using any fart on the dead fetus will unlock an achievement, known as Too Far. This also works for any other fetus that the player kills.
  • It bears a similarity to Dan, from the horror game Clock Tower: The First Fear.