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The Ginger Hallway Monitors are antagonizing characters of South Park: The Stick of Truth. They are enemies fought at South Park Elementary during the quests Detention Sentence and Attack the School.


  • "Excuse me but school is out and no students allowed on the premises until tomorrow at 7:30 A.M."
  • "You are in breach of school law and must be punished!"
  • "Intruder alert!"
  • "Initiate security protocol!"
  • "Papers, please."
  • "This is a restricted hallway!"
  • "I'm taking fire!"
  • "We're overrun!"
  • "Help!"
  • "He's here! Guard the key!"
  • "You're just making it harder on yourself."
  • "We've established a perimeter."
  • "Forget the key! Protect the front lines!"
  • "School is closed!"
  • "They're gonna eat you alive in detention."


  • Melee - Attacks you with scissors, ruler, or pencil. (varies)
  • Ginger Strikes - Melee attack now inflicts bleeding if not blocked.
  • Defense in the Red - Hall monitor gains a 3-hit shield and doubles his armor.
  • Gingerbread Break - Eats some gingerbread to regain health.
  • Ranged Attack - Throws a dodgeball at you or your buddy.
  • Call for Backup - Summons another hall monitor.
  • Touch of the Ginger - Ginger pokes you, causes gross out and defense down if not blocked.
  • Red Death from Above - Throws a golf ball, tennis ball, and baseball at you for high damage.
  • Ginger Bite - Bites you or buddy causing high damage, bleeding, and slowed if not blocked. This attack is rare.