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Gizmo Ike is Ike Broflovski's Sci-Fi set card in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

When his ability is activated, Gizmo Ike splits in two, creating a clone of himself, who can also create clones of himself as well. All of his clones have reduced attack and health.


  • Summoned, boss
    • "Yaaay! Look out!"
  • Summoned and using ability
    • "Another, another!"
    • "Go, go, go!"
    • "Cute and deadly!"
  • Using ability
    • "Kill them!"
  • Damaged and using ability
    • "Ouchie!"


  • Gizmo Ike is best played when the enemy New Kid is on their last phone, so the Gizmo Ikes cannot be destroyed by the shockwave released when a phone is lost.
  • This unit is vulnerable to splash damage and area of effect spells.

Update History

  • 07/18/17
    • Unit cap of 13 added.
  • 04/19/18
    • Copy base attack increased from 30 to 39.
    • Copy base health increased from 29 to 39.
    • Base speed decreased from 1.08 to 0.7.
    • Charge time decreased from 12.5 to 7.
    • Pre-attack delay removed.
  • 06/20/18
    • Stats changing when placed on battlefield bug fixed.