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Heidi Turner is a minor character in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

For Heidi's role in South Park: Phone Destroyer, see Calamity Heidi.

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Heidi has brown hair. She usually wears a lime green jacket, dark green pants and red gloves.



Heidi is a member of the Pleases and Sparkles Club. She is found to be the person spreading rumors about Allie Nelson when the girls look over the translated abortion records. However, they immediately forgive her since she's really sorry. If the player ever talks to her again after befriending her, she'll state that they should stay as a girl, the reason being that it's so much better.



  • Throughout the entire game, Heidi is seen without her hat despite currently wearing one in the series since season 20. This is because the game came out before that season.
  • A Drow Elf that resembles Heidi (along with Karen McCormick) appears with the other Elves when The New Kid is brought to The Elven Forest as a prisoner. The only difference is the hair color.
  • Heidi's role as a two-faced bitch in the game may be foreshadowing her role in Season 20, in which she was viewed as a traitor by the girls for dating Cartman, when the other girls had dumped their boyfriends due to believing that they all shared the mysogonstic opinions of notorious internet troll Skankhunt42.