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Hero on Patrol is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


Well, it appears you have nothing to do.

Walkthrough (First)

After you go to the toilet, loot the bathroom before you go out the door.

Walkthrough (Last)

After you finish the main story campaign, all that's pretty much left is to just walk around the town, finish any remaining side quests, and gather any remaining collectibles.


This gallery is not a walkthrough or a cutscene show.


  • The Coon was removed as a Combat Buddy after completing the game (most probably grounded for as he is revealed to be behind Mitch Conner's plan; essentially betraying you, though he still can be seen in The Coon lair). He is later included as a Combat Buddy after an update by the game's publisher Ubisoft.
  • Interestingly enough, the mission is not only the last mission of all but also the first mission of all, after the unskippable cut scene when you start the game, you will find The New Kid in the bathroom. If you save the game before leaving the bathroom, you will see that this mission is labelled as the current mission for the save file.
  • If you trying to skip the first cutscene multiple times, it'll lead to The Coon's annoyance, making him so pissed off, the game will immediately sent you to developer credit roll. The game will be finished for less than a minute that way. And as a reminder, the first cutscene is unskippable.