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Hide 'n' Seek is a side quest featured in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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This article/section contains plot details about the game. Do not read ahead if you don't want it spoiled!


"Play hide and seek with the kindergarteners around town."


While traveling through the Kids' Park south of Bijou Theatre, the New Kid can interact with Filmore, who along with his friends invites Douchebag to play a game of hide and seek, upon which the kids disperse

There are six kids in total to find:

  1. Sally: Mr. Slave's House - Outside To the West hidden behind a tree.
  2. Billy: The Farm - Southwest corner of the pen, west of the Farm Cow bell
  3. Filmore: Bank - Behind the counter immediately north of the door (you can get behind on the desk's right side).
  4. Quaid: Sewers - Behind the waste pile immediately after the entrance near the news office.
  5. Flora: Tower of Peace - Behind the light pole between the Tower and City Wok.
  6. Jenny: Stark's Pond - In the grove reached by using the path behind a pile of logs near the church entrance.

Once you find them all and return to the park to talk with Filmore, you will be rewarded with cash and the six of them as friends on Facebook.

Hidden Kindergarteners Locations