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Homeward Bound is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


Following their battle with the Freedom Pals, Coon and Friends return to the Coon Lair to analyze Doctor Timothy's phone. They learn that the Freedom Pals are tracking someone in regards to the case of the missing cats; all they know is that it's a "stripper with a dick tattoo". The Coon assigns The New Kid to investigate the case after night falls, working as the sidekick of another Coon and Friend member. Until then, the group is dismissed to return to their homes and get to bed.

Upon The New Kid returning home, The New Kid's parents is seen arguing once again; The New Kid's father being upset that The New Kid's mother confirmed some of their child's information when Mr. Mackey called (as part of The Talk). After a perfunctory attempt to reassure The New Kid that everything is fine, they leave to indulge in their respective vices; The New Kid's mother goes to drink wine in the kitchen, while The New Kid's father goes up to his bedroom to eat pot brownies. Alone once more, The New Kid forlornly eats dinner and goes to bed, awaiting the night mission...


This is a pretty straightforward "mission"; go home for the night, eat dinner and go to bed. It's mostly a matter of following simple button prompts and heading to the right spots, but feel free to pick up items along the way if you see any unopened mailboxes / containers / drawers etc. Also, check your toy chest if you haven't done so recently; depending on the quests you've completed so far, there might be some items and costume pieces in there for you.