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Jake is Monica's boyfriend and an enemy during Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend.

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During Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend, Jake is fought as a miniboss. Despite this, Summons will work just fine on him. He isn't all that hard and players should have no problem beating him, mainly due to his lack of abilities.


  • Nut Kick - Stuns target by kicking him in the nuts for medium damage
  • Low Blow - Punches target in the balls to cause medium damage and defense down
  • Paunch Punch - Punches target in the belly and causes attack and ability down. 


  • He was originally going to be a friend on Facebook, but the idea was scrapped.
  • His voice and slight appearance is similar to Hallway Monitor Boss.
  • When he is fought, he is simply known as "Monica's Boyfriend" instead of "Jake".