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Kenny's House is the home of Princess Kenny, Stuart McCormick, Mrs. McCormick, Kevin McCormick and Karen McCormick. It is actually a rundown clubhouse built by Stuart and Gerald Broflovski when they were teenagers, which Stuart used for housing when he resorted to alcoholism.


Kenny's House is run down and diliapidated and only one story as well as a garage. It's unknown how many rooms the house actually has, but it has a lounge room and kitchen, which are rundown, falling apart and full of garbage bags.

Kenny's room is the only bedroom shown and it is also falling apart and is missing a cupboard door.


Kenny's House has only one role in the story and that's when The New Kid is sent to pick up Tweek Bros. Coffee's shipment by Tweek Tweak from the methheads renting the garage from the McCormicks and beating them up once they attack the New Kid.

Outside of friending Mrs. McCormick and Karen McCormick, Kenny's house plays no further role in the story.


  • Stuart is never seen inside the house, only once after he wakes up outside of Skeeter's Bar.
  • Kevin McCormick isn't seen at all throughout the entire game.
  • The only bedroom seen is Kenny's bedroom.