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Kyle Broflovski is the leader of the Drow Elves and is one of the six playable partners in South Park: The Stick of Truth. His official title is High Jew Elf King Kyle.

For Kyle's role in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, see Human Kite.

As for his Role in Phone Destroyer, see Gunslinger Kyle, Bounty Hunter Kyle, The Master Ninjew, Kyle of the Drow Elves, and Human Kite (Phone Destroyer).


Kyle retains most (if not all) of his regular outfit, with the addition of a crown of twigs over his hat. He also dons a red robe with gold trim and Elven markings over his regular orange jacket.

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Kyle becomes available as an ally after "Defeat the Underpants Gnomes" is completed. He is an above-average ally, with many powerful attacks and high HP, including his Holy-infused basic attack like with Butters when done Perfectly. His special attacks can be difficult to pull off correctly, but are highly rewarding when mastered. In the end, Kyle makes an excellent end-game ally, but low reaction time is easily punished when using him.

Name Description Effect Type Icon Picture
Rally Kyle rallies the party for combat. Kyle rallies himself and the New Kid and grants both Ability Up and Attack Up. Buddy Ability
Kyle rally.jpg
Summon Elemental Kyle calls forth a spirit from the frozen north to attack his enemy! Kyle kicks Ike into one enemy to deal insanely high damage and one stack of Bleeding. Ability
Summon Elemental.jpg
Kyle summon elemental.jpg
Windstorm Summons fierce winds to blow debris into the foes' eyes. Kyle brings his leaf blower out and blows wind at a row of opponents to deal multiple small hits for small damage. Deals attack down if preformed perfectly. Good against shielded foes. Ability
Kyle windstorm.jpg
Rain of Arrows Blackens the skies with arrows of the mighty elven army. Kyle readies the elven army to rain four barrages of arrows down on all enemies, causing a stack of Bleeding for each successful hit. Failing hits for less, but still causes Bleeding each hit. This attack is notorious for being the most difficult attack in the entire game to execute perfectly, with only one second per key. Ability
Rain of Arrows.jpg
Kyle rain of arrows.jpg



  • He is one of two buddies that doesn't have a Buddy Command. The other one is Cartman.
    • Also, they are the only buddies that are kings, explaining why they would not have to take orders from the New Kid.
  • Kyle is well-known for responding to Stan's "Oh, my God! They killed Kenny!" quote with a yell of "You bastard(s)!" In-game, when The New Kid seemingly defeats Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny, he says "You b- Oh, no wait, he's back."
  • Kyle liked every message that Stan posted on Facebook
  • For some reason, when you fight him as a boss, failing to block his Ike attack results in three stacks of bleeding instead of two.
  • Kyle is the only one to have his costume changed from the Black Friday trilogy.
    • In the Black Friday trilogy, Kyle looks more like a paladin.
  • Kyle, along with Kenny, are the only Buddies to have two sets of headgear instead of one.
    • Kyle: His signature hat and his crown
    • Kenny: His Princess wig and a tiara/crown
  • His move, "Entangling Vines", is the only one that is unusable when he is your Buddy.
  • During the final battle against Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny, Kyle's unique counterattack involves him kicking Ike at Kenny when "she" tries drinking more green goo to heal; this sends Ike running off in tears while Kyle himself injures his kicking leg, forcing him out of the battle.
  • In the cutscene where the hall monitor turns into a Nazi zombie, Kyle yells about how they've become "even lamer" and proceeds to run away, as he is Jewish.

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