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Le Bard Jimmy is Jimmy Valmer's Fantasy set card in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

When played, Le Bard Jimmy will play a note, decreasing the max HP of all enemies permanently. If the max HP is decreased to 0, the enemy is instantly killed.


  • Summoned
    • "No requests, thank you."
    • "A song to calm you."
  • Idle
    • "I'm no spoony bard."


Update History

  • 07/18/17
    • Base ability HP decrease decreased
  • 09/07/17
    • Ability upgrade scaling fixed
  • 10/02/18
    • Base Warcry max health reduction increased from -25 to -50
    • Base Warcry will now also damage all enemies by 50 prior to max health reduction


  • Le Bard Jimmy and Fastpass are the only Jimmy cards that do not have an aura effect.
  • Like most of the characters in the Fantasy Theme, Le Bard Jimmy's appearance is taken directly from Jimmy's appearance in South Park: The Stick of Truth.