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This is a complete list of cards found in South Park: Phone Destroyer.



Rarity Type Description
Stan of Many Moons
Stan of Many Moons Legendary Fighter
Incan Craig
Incan Craig Legendary Ranged
Sheriff Cartman
Sheriff Cartman Rare Tank
Gunslinger Kyle
Gunslinger Kyle Common Ranged
Outlaw Tweek
Outlaw Tweek Common Ranged
Calamity Heidi
Calamity Heidi Common Fighter
Bandita Sally
Bandita Sally Common Assassin
Inuit Kenny
Inuit Kenny Legendary Assassin
Storyteller Jimmy
Storyteller Jimmy Epic Fighter
Shaman Token
Shaman Token Common Fighter
Medicine Woman Sharon
Medicine Woman Sharon Rare Ranged
Pocahontas Randy
Pocahontas Randy Epic Fighter
Hookhand Clyde
Hookhand Clyde Epic Fighter
Pirate Ship Timmy
Pirate Ship Timmy Rare Ranged
Deckhand Butters
Deckhand Butters Common Assassin
Smuggler Ike
Smuggler Ike Common Assassin
Captain Wendy
Captain Wendy Rare Ranged
Buccaneer Bebe
Buccaneer Bebe Rare Ranged
Barrel Dougie
Barrel Dougie Rare Assassin
Arrowstorm Epic Spell
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt Rare Spell
Fireball Rare Spell



Rarity Type Description
Cyborg Kenny
Cyborg Kenny Epic Assassin
A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000 Epic Tank
Astronaut Butters
Astronaut Butters Common Assassin
Alien Clyde
Alien Clyde Common Fighter
Alien Queen Red
Alien Queen Red Rare Fighter
Gizmo Ike
Gizmo Ike Epic Assassin
Sixth Element Randy
Sixth Element Randy Legendary Fighter
Bounty Hunter Kyle
Bounty Hunter Kyle Epic Ranged
Space Warrior Token
Space Warrior Token Rare Fighter
Ice Sniper Wendy
Ice Sniper Wendy Rare Ranged
Program Stan
Program Stan Epic Fighter
Marine Craig
Marine Craig Common Ranged
Mecha Timmy
Mecha Timmy Legendary Ranged
Powerfist Dougie
Powerfist Dougie Rare Assassin
Warboy Tweek
Warboy Tweek Rare Ranged
Enforcer Jimmy
Enforcer Jimmy Rare Fighter
Visitors Rare Ranged
Freeze Ray
Freeze Ray Common Spell
Hyperdrive Rare Spell
Poison Common Spell
Mind Control
Mind Control Rare Spell



Rarity Type Description
The Master Ninjew
The Master Ninjew Legendary Ranged
Youth Pastor Craig
Youth Pastor Craig Rare Ranged
Poseidon Stan
Poseidon Stan Common Fighter
Witch Doctor Token
Witch Doctor Token Legendary Fighter
Imp Tweek
Imp Tweek Epic Fighter
Choirboy Butters
Choirboy Butters Epic Assassin
Prophet Dougie
Prophet Dougie Rare Assassin
Angel Wendy
Angel Wendy Common Ranged
Jew Scout Ike
Jew Scout Ike Common Assassin
Hercules Clyde
Hercules Clyde Rare Fighter
Medusa Bebe
Medusa Bebe Legendary Ranged
Pope Timmy
Pope Timmy Epic Ranged
Zen Cartman
Zen Cartman Rare Tank
Hermes Kenny
Hermes Kenny Epic Assassin
Friar Jimmy
Friar Jimmy Common Fighter
Sexy Nun Randy
Sexy Nun Randy Epic Fighter
Cupid Cartman
Cupid Cartman Rare Ranged
Energy Staff
Energy Staff Rare Tower
Power Bind
Power Bind Common Spell
Purify Common Spell
Regeneration Rare Spell
Hallelujah Rare Spell
Unholy Combustion
Unholy Combustion Rare Spell



Rarity Type Description
Grand Wizard Cartman
Grand Wizard Cartman Legendary Tank
Paladin Butters
Paladin Butters Common Assassin
Princess Kenny Card
Princess Kenny Common Assassin
Catpult Timmy
Catapult Timmy Rare Ranged
Stan of Great
Stan the Great Common Fighter
Canadian Knight Ike
Canadian Knight Ike Rare Assassin
Dark Mage Craig
Dark Mage Craig Rare Ranged
Dwarf King Clyde
Dwarf King Clyde Rare Fighter
Dwarf Engineer Dougie
Dwarf Engineer Dougie Rare Assassin
Shieldmaiden Wendy
Shieldmaiden Wendy Legendary Fighter
Kyle of the Drow Elves
Kyle of the Drow Elves Rare Ranged
Blood Elf Bebe
Blood Elf Bebe Common Ranged
Robin Tweek
Robin Tweek Common Ranged
Le Bard Jimmy
Le Bard Jimmy Common Fighter
Rogue Token
Rogue Token Epic Fighter
Underpants Gnomes Rare Assassin
The Amazingly Randy
The Amazingly Randy Epic Ranged
Chicken Coop
Chicken Coop Epic Tower
Cock Magic
Cock Magic Epic Spell
Transmogrify Epic spell



Rarity Type Description
Nathan PD
Nathan Rare Ranged
Mimsy PD
Mimsy Common Tank
Nelly PD
Nelly Rare Fighter
Dogpoo PD
DogPoo Epic Fighter
Terrance PD
Terrance Mephesto Rare Ranged
Marcus PD
Marcus Epic Fighter
Rat Swarm
Rat Swarm Common Assassin
Pigeongang PD
Pigeon Gang Common Fighter
Starvinmarvin PD
Starvin' Marvin Rare Fighter
Big Gay Al card
Big Gay Al Rare Ranged
Officerbarbrady PD
Officer Barbrady Rare Tank
Manbearpig Legendary Tank
Mrhankey PD
Mr. Hankey Legendary Assassin
Pcprincipal PD
PC Principal Rare Tank
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