This is a chronologically ordered list of all the main missions in South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Main Missions

Name Quest Giver Quest Location Image
Hero on Patrol None The New Kid's House
20180418120701 1
The Battle for Kupa Keep
The battle for kupakeep
Origins The Coon Cartman's House
20180409110546 1
Alternate Universes Collide Human Kite Kyle's House
Multivers crush
The Chains of Super Craig Super Craig Craig's House
South Park - TFBW The Chains of Super Craig image1
Birth of a Coon Friend The Coon Cartman's House
20180410134513 1
Rise of the Fourthies The Coon Bus Stop
Fourthies arise
Gotta Go Fast Fastpass Cartman's House
20180420214238 1
Mosquito in a Honey Pot Mosquito Raisins
20180410230407 1
A Touch of Faith The Coon South Park Church
20180410213514 1
The Talk The Coon South Park Elementary School
20180422101740 1
The Burrito Whisperer The Coon Freeman's Tacos
One more thing.....
Origins 2: New Beginnings The Coon Cartman's House
Civil War The Coon Main Street
20180222105149 1
Homeward Bound The Coon Cartman's House
Home bound
The Bowels of the Beast The Coon and Captain Diabetes The Peppermint Hippo
Lap dancing
CLASSIfied The Coon and Fastpass Jimmy's House
DNA unlockedd
Alternate Universes Collide Again Human Kite Kyle's House
Microaggression Academy Super Craig (optional) Crunchy's Micro Brew
20180409112940 1
Medicinal Fried Fiasco CLASSi Medicinal Fried Chicken
20180409105543 1
Operation: Just 'Cause Sargent Yates Park County Police Station
Handing dbadge
The Talk 2: The Gendering Mr. Mackey South Park Elementary School
20180409112228 1
Operation: Blind Justice Sargent Yates Park County Police Station
20180409162143 1
Origins 3: The Visitor The Coon Cartman's House
20180410115658 1
Civil War 2: Playtime's Over Fastpass The Playground
20180410120920 1
Race Academy: First Class PC Principal Crunchy's Micro Brew
20180413170319 1
We Need a Tool The Coon Cartman's House
20180413172519 1
Under Covers The New Kid's House
Eating des
The Hundred Hands of Chaos Kenny's House
20180414215312 1
The Chaos Gambit Butters' House
20180318172331 1
The Invitation Mitch Conner SoDoSoPa
20180318175701 1
The Samaritan Agenda Doctor Timothy, Tupperware and Wonder Tweek South Park Senior Center
20180318181917 1
Origins 4: The Omega Prologue The Coon Cartman's House
Nocturnal Submission The New Kid's House
Shouting parents
The Thin White Line Mysterion Park County Police Station
Thin White Line
Freedom Calling Token's House
All power empowered
To Catch a Coon Freedom Pals Tweek Bros. Coffee
The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch
A tour in the lab
Farts of Future Past City Hall
Leaping fart
Hero on Patrol None Bus Stop
20180403232943 1
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