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Jimmy won't be a proper bard until he gets a flute to play inspiring battle tunes. Help him get one.


Find a flute for Jimmy at the ranch..


  1. Travel to the farm with Jimmy.
  2. Talk to Rancher Bill and take the key.
  3. Defeat the cows inside the farmhouse.
  4. Take the flute from the chest upstairs.
  5. Return to Rancher Bill.


  • The cutscene that plays when The New Kid arrives at the ranch is unskippable, and Jimmy's stuttering cannot be skipped, therefore forcing the player to wait for about a minute until Jimmy stops stuttering.
  • This is the first mission that features Nazi Zombie Cows, and is overall the easiest fight against Nazi Zombies in general.
  • This is one of three missions to partake at the ranch.