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"Ouch!" -"ManBearPig" as he takes damage.

ManBearPig is an optional boss in South Park: The Stick of Truth.                                                                                

For ManBearPig's role in South Park: Phone Destroyer, see ManBearPig (card).

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ManBearPig is Al Gore wearing a football helmet with hair, pig ears, a pig nose, fake hairy claws, fake hairy legs, and a pig tail.


After the Player defeats Al Gore in Unfriend Al Gore, he'll receive a message from Al Gore saying that ManBearPig is attacking the Church. At the Church, walk left until you see Al Gore disguised crappily as ManBearPig, behind a tree. He also appears at the end of the game behind another tree without Cartman, Stan and Kyle noticing.


It's impossible to get the first hit, As he'll immediately hit you when you get close to the tree. This battle is very tough, being able to deal huge amounts of damage. Unlike in Unfriend Al Gore, he doesn't have any allies to help him, making this fight easier. When set on fire, he'll throw his helmet in the air, temporarily lowering his Defense. When defeated, he says "Al Gore, you finally beat me!" He'll then stay at the church unconscious for the rest of the game. You can loot him to get the ManBearPig claw.


  • Melee Attack - ManBearPig runs forward and strikes you with his claws for medium damage, causes one stack of bleeding if not blocked.
  • ManBearPig Rampage - Runs forward and hits you or your buddy three times for high damage and deals one stack of bleeding, afterwards he throws his helmet into the air revealing his face and causing you to be able to do more damage.
  • Grab Helmet - ManBearPig runs offscreen for a second then returns with a helmet that protects him from attacks, this is always followed by cry of the ManBearPig.
  • Cry of the ManBearPig - ManBearPig lets out a roar (the best Al Gore can, that is) which gives him attack up and regenerating, so he heals every turn, it should be noted that this is always after grab helmet, and each one of these counts as two turns, so debuffs that deal damage will do it twice.



  • Its helmet can be seen in the garage of The New Kid's House, implying that The New Kid didn't only take the creature's claws, but also its head as bounty.