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The Meth Tweakers are drug dealers who provide shipments to Tweek Bros. Coffee of what is presumably meth. They reside in the McCormick Guest House (actually a garage).



All of the Meth Tweakers look somewhat run down from the effects of drug use and other drugs and wear somewhat baggy clothes and no footwear of any kind.


The New Kid meets them in Hot Coffee when Tweek Tweak sends them to get the shipment for the day so he can return to Kupa Keep quicker to assist Cartman. Because the New Kid is not the usual kid, they jump to the conclusion that the New Kid is a cop and attack him, but are quickly defeated.


  • Glass Breaker- Hits you or Butters with broken bottle, deals defense down.
  • Bottle Toss- Throws bottle at you, causes bleeding if not blocked.
  • Burning down the House- Throws a Molotov cocktail at you, causes burning if not blocked.
  • Curb Stomp- Kicks you or Butters four times, deals ability down.