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Mimsy is a secondary antagonist in the South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC Bring the Crunch. He is Nathan's dimwitted best friend and henchman, often being ordered to do Nathan's dirty work. Due to his lack of intelligence, he tends to perform these orders incorrectly, causing them to backfire on Nathan.


Nathan is a secondary antagonist in the DLC Bring the Crunch. He is ordered by Nathan to tie up the Lake Tardicaca camp counselors so that the camp will be shut down, but mistakenly assumes that Nathan wants them tied up like in the movie Saw, and kills them as a result. Fastpass and the other superheroes make their way to the boardwalk to stop Mimsy from killing the last counselor, causing Mimsy to join his boss in battle against them. Afterwards, the Zarganor shows up, kidnaps the counselor, and brainwashes Mimsy, Nathan, and Doctor Timothy into being his henchmen. After he is defeated, the counselor takes Nathan and Mimsy to roast marshmallows.

After this, the New Kid can take a selfie with Mimsy, making him their Coonstagram follower.



  • Taking a selfie with the New Kid
    • "Wow, no one's ever asked me for a selfie before!"
  • After selfie
    • "That was fun."


  • Turn start
    • "Duuh, I'm gonna make you feel real proud, boss!"
  • Preparing Slasher
    • "I'm almost ready, boss!"
  • Preparing Slasher, first battle
    • "I'm gonna do a real good job this time, boss!"
    • "I'm gonna get you guys good this time!"
    • "You're gonna love this one, boss!"
    • "I'm gonna kill camp dead!"
  • Preparing Slasher, second battle
    • "I'm gonna make you proud, boss! Uhh, I mean bosses!"
  • Dialogue
    • With counselor, using Slasher
      • Counselor: Put down that machete this instant!
        Mimsy: "Duuh, sorry, boss says I have to hold it and swing it."
    • With Fastpass, after unsuccessfully attacking
      • Mimsy: "Duuh, how am I supposed to kill you dead when you keep movin'?"
        Fastpass: "Exactly!"
    • With Nathan, preparing Slasher, second battle
      • Mimsy: "Wow, it's so weird being a minion!"
        Nathan: "You were always the minion, Mimsy."
        Mimsy: "What's a minion?"
    • With Professor Chaos, enemy idle
      • Mimsy: "Boss says marshmallows are made from spider eggs!"
        Professor Chaos: "Well, they still taste good."


Mimsy only has one ability, Slasher. When he uses this attack, every square bordering him is telegraphed. The next turn, he spins around his machete, damaging both allies and enemies in the telegraphed squares. Getting Nathan hit with this attack is the only way to get rid of his protective headgear, leaving him open to attack from the heroes.